Turn Granny’s Vintage Doilies Into Something Chic With These 20 Projects

Our grannies loved to knit doilies. The new generation probably doesn’t know what it is, but if you show them this, they will want to learn how to make them.

I probably have hundreds of doilies in my basement. They just sit there. Locked in the “chamber of secrets”. My family call it like that because there is some old stuff worth kept as a secret.

After these amazing chic ideas, I’m now forced to open up that secret and turn it into something beautiful for my home.

Just look how amazing they look. The boring and regular things around your house are turned into something money can’t buy.

You are going to decorate everything with them. Why keeping the vintage doilies unused in your house when you can do this?

The ideas will make you fell in love and search for more. Maybe you will make yourself and your kids to start knitting something like this.

You will never know.

1. Doily Mirrors


Tutorial via homestory.rp-online.de

2. Watercolor Doily Art

Watercolor Doily Art

Tutorial via homeheartcraft.com

3. Doily Back Tanks


Tutorial via katrinshine.blogspot.it

4. Hanging Planters


Tutorial via lobsterandswan.com

5. Doily  Pillow

Doily Pillow

Tutorial via racheldenbow.blogspot.mk

6. Lace Doily Bib Necklace

Lace Doily Bib Necklace

Tutorial via starsforstreetlights.com

7. Doily Embroidery Hoops


Tutorial via dwellbeautiful.com

8. Doily Cuff Bracelet

Doily Cuff Bracelet

Tutorial via burdastyle.com

9. Doily Bowl


Tutorial via sodapop-design.de

10. Crochet Tablecloth


Tutorial via asubtlerevelry.com

11. Fold-over Doily Clutch


Tutorial via skirtastop.com

12. Doily Lace Candle Votive


Tutorial via julieannart.com

13. Doily Lamp


Tutorial via shannonsouth.com

14. Vintage Doily Scarf

vintage doily scarf

Tutorial via zaranne-handmade.blogspot.mk

15. Doily Purse

doily purse DIY 1

Tutorial via sincerelykinsey.com

16. Earring Storage Idea


Tutorial via idlewife.blogspot.mk

17. Dream Catchers


Tutorial via elisamclaughlin.com

18. Cutoff Jeans with Doily

Cutoff Jeans with Doily

Tutorial via impatientlycrafty.com

19. Doily Easter Basket

doily easter basket

Tutorial via rebekahgough.blogspot.mk

20. Doily Backdrop

Doily Backdrop

Tutorial via ruffledblog.com

I thought this was worth sharing with you. I love turning old things into something awesome.

Share this with your friends. Let’s make our homes more awesome!

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