Turmeric Juice Recipe: How to Make This Healthy Drink Properly

You’ve probably heard that turmeric comes with huge benefits.

It’s widely known as the most anti-inflammatory food.

I know that you already know why turmeric is good for you, but here I go again.


  •      Cleanses your kidney from toxins
  •      Keeps you away from depression
  •      Reduces the risk of skin diseases
  •      Prevents arthritis
  •      Prevents psoriasis
  •      Boosts your metabolism
  •      Works amazing with your joints and bones
  •      Helps the fight against cancer

All these benefits made Chinese people believe in Turmeric.

It’s very popular in the Chinese medicine!

Now, there are many uses of turmeric. You need to include it in your diet.

Here is one recipe that should be the start of your journey with this amazing food.

The ingredients can be found in every healthy store:

  •      Raw Honey
  •      Water
  •      2 Lemons
  •      5-7 inches turmeric
  •      5-7 tamarind

You will also need a blender, bowl, strainer and a mason jar.

The instructions are easy to follow.

  1.    Peel the turmeric
  2.    Open the tamarind and get all the inner roots off
  3.    Take a big pot and fill it with water
  4.    Add the turmeric into it and put it on stove to boil
  5.    Leave it for 20 minutes
  6.    While the turmeric boils take another pan and put 1-inch water in it. Add the tamarind to it. Stir it with wooden spoon until it dissolves completely. It should be like jam. If it’s dry put some water to it.
  7.    Add cold water to the turmeric water to cool it down.
  8.    Put the mixture into a blender with the turmeric. You’ll get something that will look like a fiery marigold.
  9.    Pour the other substance into the strainer on a top of a small bowl to catch the tamarind. Strain the jam. You’ll need only the soft part of the fruit.
  10. Put together the turmeric water and the tamarind in a blender. Blend for a while
  11. When the mixture is near the end, squeeze the lemon and that’s it.
  12. Put the juice into your mason jar.
  13. Add some raw honey for delicious taste.
  14. Close the jar and shake!

Consume it every day. Store it in the fridge. It’s good for 3-4 days.

It’s easy and extremely healthy.

After a while you will see why Turmeric is a very powerful ingredient.

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Source: Healthy Life Tricks

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