Treatment for Drug Addiction: What are the options in the UK?

Drug addiction and misuse has been on the increase in recent years, and this addiction within the UK is causing excessive despair to individuals and their families. Fortunately, many programs are able to assist one get into drug rehab within the UK.

Some are of the opinion that drug addiction only affects the individual, but the truth is that substance abuse can have many negative effects on friends, family, and also the community.

You can find decent and reasonably priced drug addiction treatments within the UK that are either publicly or privately funded. In this feature, we look at the most recommended and available options available in the United Kingdom that can help you recover from a drug problem. 

The National Health Services

The NHS offers government-funded medical and health care services. it’s an umbrella organization that covers most publicly funded services and health centers within the UK, but the services offered can vary by region. All those considered permanent residents within the UK who are in need of treatment for misuse are entitled to NHS care.

In the event that you consider seeking treatment for drug addiction through the NHS, it is suggested that you consult with a General Practitioner that may reassess diverse options available. Following the assessment, the GP may propose treatment at their practice or refer you to an area-specific drug treatment service.

When you progress towards your first appointment for drug treatment, you will be asked about your drug use, your work, your family, and your housing situation. You might be assigned a key worker whose duty is to support you during your treatment. The kind of addiction treatment you agree on will rely upon your circumstances and also the substance that is being abused. Your keyworker can help pick the most appropriate plan for you.

These local drug services include:

Talk Therapy: This kind of therapy necessitates that you speak to a counselor or psychologist. Certain sorts of talk therapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), can empower you to learn the way your thoughts and feelings are bearing upon your behavior.

Medication-Assisted Treatment: Those who find themselves battling an addiction with Opioids, like Heroin or Oxycodone, and are experiencing withdrawal symptoms could also be offered a replacement drug like Methadone. Medically assisted treatment can facilitate your changeover into your addiction treatment without going through severe withdrawal symptoms or buying illicit drugs that would lead to overdosing.

Detoxification: Also referred to as detox, detoxification is a treatment that is implemented to enable you to stop taking Opioids entirely. the aim of detox is to cleanse your body of all Opioids and allow you to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Support groups: Your keyworker is also equipped to suggest local support groups like numerous nongovernmental organizations or Narcotics Anonymous. In these groups, you will be able to meet fellow peers experiencing similar situations.

Harm reduction: Staff at local drug service centers can help reduce other risks related to your drug addiction and abuse. Services offered for harm reduction consist of testing and treatment for hepatitis or HIV and more.

Privately Funded Residential Rehabilitation

The cost of visiting a residential rehab within the UK will vary on the situation and length of stay. Residential drug addiction treatment programmes within the UK are typically self-funded. In special cases, organizations such as the NHS or social services may assist in paying for your stay in a residential center when local community-based treatments have been inefficient. This is however rare and most individuals will need to fund treatment themselves.

Most programs require you to undergo detoxification and be drug-free upon entering the treatment program. Programs typically last one to six months.

Finding The Most Suitable Rehab in the UK

No one should ever feel alone in their struggle with drug or alcohol addiction; treatment providers can help to deliberate on the assortment of available options. There are countless possibilities when seeking rehab within the UK, from support groups to medication-assisted treatment to residential programs. In most cases, Non-profit organizations can assist in paying for community-based treatment. But then again, a more intense approach is also required to effectively treat drug addiction. In the event that you may wish to explore your options for rehab within the UK, contact a treatment provider who can carefully examine accessible the various options with you. Drug addiction is not a life sentence and help is available.