Treat Your Kids With These Products

Your kids are your world. And they deserve nothing but the best.

But there are also many kid products out there that don’t positively enhance your child’s life. But there is actually a whole range of products designed to help your child thrive, grow and live their absolute best life.

For many parents, the reward system tends to work as an absolute treat. If they listen to you, follow your rules, and don’t get into trouble, rewarding them with a product they love is an incentive they will gladly work for.

But when it comes to the reward system, you want to make sure that the products you give them have more positive benefits than negative ones. It can feel overwhelming as a parent sometimes to pick quality products for your kids.  You have to navigate through all the rubbish products to find those gems that you can really trust.

Well, we have done all the hard work for you! To help you treat your kids to products that we know they will love that are also good for them, we have rounded up the top things to consider giving your kids. From childrens vitamins that taste more like a dessert than something nutritional to toys that let their imagination run wild, we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding that perfect treat.

Here are the best products to consider treating your kid to.

1. Clothes for an Adventure

Treat your kid to lego jackets and take them on an adventure. Kids thrive when they get to explore the outdoors, run wild and feel free. Plus, you will love letting them burn off all their excess energy in nature. Jackets for the outdoors mean that you can take them on an adventure with you regardless of the weather. They will stay warm, be protected from the wind and rain, and can rock their favorite color. Whether it is a walk through the woods or a hike to a beautiful mountain outlook, getting your kid clothes for an adventure will help the two of you create memories to last a lifetime and have fun exploring the world together.

2. A Cake Just Because

You don’t have to wait for your kid’s birthday to treat them to a cake. Porto’s Bakery cakes will do all the hard work for you and mix, bake and decorate the perfect-looking cake and deliver it to your doorstep. All you have to do is put it in the refrigerator to thaw out and then serve up with a side of ice cream or whipped cream. For an end-of-summer treat, the Milk’N Berries Cake will serve up a delicious slice of fruit, Tres Leches, and enough slices for up to 12 people. If your kid makes it to the next level of Scouts or wins their summer swim race, celebrate with a cake. It is a treat we know they will love.

3. A Bean Bag to Relax

Kids deserve to put their feet up and relax too! Treating them to a kids beanbag is a treat that is also practical, too. The best bean bags will also turn into a bed! This becomes the perfect go-to item for when they want to have a sleepover with their friends. And when the sleepover is finished, you can stuff the bed back into the bag and have a relaxing bean bag to snuggle into all day long. Your kids will likely spend hours relaxing on this practical treat that makes them feel like royalty. But if you treat them to a bean bag, make sure to get one for yourself too.

4. An At-Home Spa Experience

While your kid may be too young to fully appreciate the royal treatment at an actual spa, you can make their bath time extra special with a bath bomb collection. Your kid will be obsessed with the fizzy colors of their bath and likely never want to get out. This treat not only helps you provide more incentive for them to get in the bath but makes it easy to keep them clean and smelling fresh. Bath bombs are a great treat for any occasion and also make excellent stocking stuffers with a range of colors and pre-wrapped designs.

5. A Healthy Treat

You don’t have to battle with your kid to have a well-balanced diet. Instead, treat them to delicious kids vitamins that taste more like a dessert than anything.  Your kids will look forward to vitamin time each day and you will get peace of mind knowing they are getting all the essential nutrients needed through their daily kids multivitamin. Designed for life-long health and powered up with 15 essential vitamins, your kid will be treated to pure goodness every single day. And you will receive zero complaints from them as well. A healthy treat is a win-win scenario for everyone.

6. Outdoor Toys

Treat your kid to a Nerf and encourage them to have more outdoor time than screen time. They will have so much fun playing outside that it will be easy to get them to forget about the video games they are leaving behind. These outdoor toys are extremely safe for kids to use and are designed for kids of all ages. Actually, this product is so cool that you may want to get one for yourself too so you can play with your kid outside.

7. A New Backpack

Your kid has likely spent the last year at home for school. So make them going back feel like an absolute treat. Nothing makes a kid feel cooler for school than a brand new backpack. Let them go shopping with you and pick out a backpack that they are proud to wear. It will be easy to get them ready for their first day of school when they know they have got a cool backpack to show off to their new classmates.

8. A Camera

Switch up their screen time by encouraging them to take up photography of videography. Kids love to create, and nothing encourages them to get off the couch and explore a new camera. This treat will let their imagination run wild, where they will spend hours filming movie scenes with their friends or playing around with different camera techniques. We suggest getting them a waterproof camera and one that has a shock-absorbent case, just in the off chance they get a bit too excited or into their project and drop it.

9. A Collection of Books

This may seem like a foreign concept to many kids these days, but getting them a collection of books makes for the perfect treat. It will encourage them to read more and, with so many great stories out there written with them in mind, it won’t take long before they become completely engrossed in their book. You can even encourage them to start their own book club with their friends and share the power of reading.

There are numerous products to treat your kids to that also benefit their overall health and wellbeing. Rewarding your kid has never been easier than with these nine products. What one will you choose to treat them to first?