Travel with Kids – 5 Fun Things to Do for the Whole Family

There are many ideas for spending a weekend with children, from the sea to the mountains, passing through the many playgrounds in Italy and Europe. A family weekend is an ideal solution to discover the joy of being together between fun and relaxation. You can fly with Dubai airlines and get the best deals.

If you have a few days of vacation to spend with your family, the choice of destination can be difficult at first sight. Finding accommodation with entertainment for children, entertainment and many attractions but also tranquility and relaxation for the older ones is the ideal compromise for a weekend with children without stress and inconveniences.

Travel with children in the amusement parks

There are many attractions for children in Italy and Europe. If you travel to northern Italy you can take your little ones to the magical world of Aqualandia, one of the largest water parks in Italy.

This enchanted place is located in Jesolo, and will suddenly transport you to a Caribbean island where there are no problems and chaos, but only fun, water and escapism. The little ones will have fun in the Funnyland comic park which also offers a free babysitting service, so you can rest assured that the children are in good hands.

This space is suitable for children aged 2 to 12, if your children are older, do not worry, there is the Tibetan mountain waiting for them, suspended at a height of 20 meters, or the Free Climbing wall climb, all thrilling fun, but where maximum safety always reigns.

In addition, the entrance to this water park has an agreement with many accommodation facilities in the area, so in addition to entertainment, spending a weekend with children in the park will also be convenient.

One of the most famous amusement parks in Italy is Gardaland. Beautiful to experience both in summer and in winter thanks to the special events that are organized every season, such as Gardaland Magic Winter to celebrate the Christmas or New Year holidays.

The perfect age to visit Gardaland is at least six years, in fact, many attractions require a minimum height. However, Gardaland is made for fun and satisfies all tastes, from the most daring rides to the quietest ones with also an area dedicated to shopping with shops where you can buy everything.

But spending a weekend in this area, besides having fun, also allows you to visit the magnificent places that meet along Lake Garda.

Travel Europe With Kids

Even Europe in terms of playgrounds is not far behind. Real cities have been built in cities where you enter fantastic worlds and for a few hours, you can forget about reality. In Germany, the largest park is Europa Park of Rust, 94 hectares of entertainment that offer exciting adventures for the whole family.

The park is organized in thematic areas and in each one travels across nations and continents. You can take a ride in Iceland on a wooden roller coaster, and with a jump arrive in Greece with the Poseidon, the roller coaster on the water, up to the area dedicated to Scandinavia where you can cool off with the Fjord-Rafting.

Moving to Malta, the island of water, there could not be a lot of entertainment related to this element. First of all, the largest swimming pool in Europe is inside the Marine Park Malta. If, on the other hand, you want to experience the thrill of swimming with dolphins in the Mediterranean just go to the Mediterraneo Marine Park and you can introduce your children to these fantastic animals.

Travel France With Kids

If you are visiting France for a weekend with children, you cannot fail to stop at Disneyland for at least one day in Paris. It has recently celebrated its first twenty years of life and is so close to Italy that it is almost a crime not to bring your children for a short weekend.

In this park, the characters of the most beloved stories of all time come to life, from Pinocchio to Toy Story through Nemo and Snow White with all seven dwarfs. Passing from Disney Village, where you can find any gadget, you pass the other part of the structure, the Walt Disney Studios, which offers beautiful attractions for children and a series of proposals for slightly older children inspired by the world of cinema.

A very nice amusement park is also found in Copenhagen, the Tivoli, a fantastic world made of fairies and toy soldiers, scary and fun attractions, gardens and a small lake just like in the stories of the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Finally, attractions for children can also be found in England.

In fact in Staffordshire, there is Alton Tower, famous for the presence of 5 roller coasters, The Smiler, where you must smile even when you are upside down. While the grown-ups try these reckless attractions, the little ones enjoy walking on the water enclosed in large air balloons.

Travel with Kids To the Mountains

A place to spend a weekend with children in Italy in the name of fun and games is located in Val di Fassa. In this place, a few years ago an initiative called Fassalandia took place. A program of initiatives organized weekly throughout the valley is reserved for the little guests of the establishments associated with the Val di Fassa Tourist Board.

And here you can spend a  weekend in the mountains between bike excursions, treasure hunts, picnics in nature and being the protagonists of adventurous mountain tales. These are just some of the Fassalandia activities that will delight young and old.

A mountain place to take children is in Trentino, in the Paganella area. Here you can visit the wildlife park, with many animals living in freedom. In the nearby Molveno area, it will be fun to take the cable car and go up to Pradel, where nature reigns supreme and children can learn many new things in a simple and genuine way away from stress and chaos.

Also in Trentino, in addition to nature, children can begin to take their first steps on skis. In fact, on the slopes, there are courses for all ages and levels with many activities to entertain the children.

Travel with children in villages and cities

Big cities can also be good destinations for a weekend with children. If you have never been to Milan, spring can be a great time to visit it in a fun and pleasant way with the whole family.

There are many things to see, the Duomo, the Theater, the Castello Sforzesco and Sforzinda, a recreational space created in the basement of the Castle for children aged 4 to 11 and also Leonardo’s Last Supper, since a weekend with children is not it is said that it must not also be cultural.

Visiting Tuscany with children can be very beautiful and relaxing, especially if you choose to stay in a farmhouse surrounded by greenery and surrounded by good and genuine flavors. There is also a beautiful sea where you can take your children to play and organize picnics on the beach.

In Tuscany, you can take your children to visit a magical place, that of the Etruscan Coast, where they can discover ancient buildings and mysterious paths.