Traditional Vs Online Pharmacies

Since online services have been becoming more prominent across most industries around the world, it has left people wondering about its place in the pharmaceutical industry.

Online pharmacies now allow you to order and receive your prescriptions through deliveries. There are some upsides and potential downsides to this new way of getting your medication. This post covers the pros and cons of traditional and online pharmacies so that you can decide which system you think works best for you.

Confidential Experience

One of the biggest benefits that attract people to using online pharmacies is that the entire process is more confidential. When you have to go into a drugstore or pharmacist, it can be more difficult if the problem you’re experiencing isn’t something you want people to know about so openly.

So, if you’re someone who does feel anxious about visiting the doctors or going to pick up prescriptions for a health problem, ordering your prescriptions online may be a better option. Many online pharmacies can also deliver your prescriptions in a very discreet way so that no one knows what medications you’re using for more private issues.

Having said that, some people prefer going to their doctor to discuss their problem to get the bottom of it. Having this consultation can be more beneficial for some.


The convenience aspect of using online pharmacies is an aspect that many people have been liking. Online pharmacies allow you to order and have your prescription delivered straight to your home.

If you’re not comfortable about being out and about just yet in today’s climate, online pharmacies would be an excellent option.

Going to pharmacies or drug stores to pick up your medication can be a lengthy process. There are often queues that can take up more of your time than you’d prefer. Ordering from online pharmacies may also be an easier option for people living in more rural areas as they don’t have to make a special trip.

Saving Money

You may be surprised to find that you can find more savings for prescriptions when using online pharmacies. Alternatively, you can find sites, such as GetDealRX, that allows you to receive coupons that you can use in your pharmacy to save money on your prescriptions.

This is a great example of how traditional and online pharmacies can work well together. These types of prescription coupons can be used in-store when picking up your medication. When you’re ordering from online pharmacies, there are also more payment options available which can make it a more flexible choice compared to traditional pharmacies.


With the emergence of online pharmacies, people started wondering about how the consultations would work. In the beginning, this was something that seemed like a major downside to ordering prescriptions from online pharmacies.

However, with the development of technology, you can now have consultations over smartphone apps. This enables you to get expert advice while being in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to this, many online pharmacies are registered and can act as a supplement to the healthcare system to help people who have issues that aren’t as serious compared to others who need to go and see a doctor in person.

It’s common for online pharmacies to provide you with links to resources that can help you learn more about your prescriptions.

Some people still prefer to visit their doctor or go into their pharmacy to pick up their medication in case they have any questions. Going to a pharmacy in person can help you feel more comfortable by getting answers from an expert.

Trying to self-diagnose can be dangerous, especially if you’re ordering medications that don’t require a prescription. It’s always best to seek help from a professional before using any medication.

An online pharmacy that’s registered is the most ideal option as you’re able to feel confident that the products they’re selling and the information they’re providing is legit.

Are Online Pharmacies Properly Regulated?

When you’re looking for regulated online pharmacies in the US, you’ll want to make sure that they have a state license for the state that you’re residing in. Once you’ve confirmed that the online pharmacy has a state license, you want to be sure that they require a prescription from your doctor.

Unregulated pharmacies may not ask you for a valid prescription from a doctor which is a big sign that they’re unregulated. In addition to this, check that the pharmacy has a licensed pharmacist available.

A pharmacy without a licensed pharmacist makes it more likely to be unregulated compared to pharmacies that have a licensed pharmacist. Having a professional pharmacist available also gives you more peace of mind in knowing that you can ask questions.


Before you start using an online pharmacy to order your medication, be sure to check the following:

  • Make sure the online pharmacy is properly registered
  • Find the address of the pharmacy to see where your prescriptions are coming from
  • Be mindful of online pharmacies that provide medications without needing prescriptions
  • If an online pharmacy asks about information surrounding your health, it’s a good sign that they’re taking your medical history into account which makes it more trustworthy

Online pharmacies can help you save money while being a much more convenient option. However, some people may still prefer going into a drugstore or pharmacy for consultations on their prescriptions.

Now that you know more about some of the benefits and drawbacks surrounding traditional and online pharmacies, you’ll feel more confident about deciding on which system works best for you.


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