Top Travel Tricks with Lucky and Baby

Have you ever been browsing Facebook or Instagram when you just come across something too adorable to share? That’s what happened when I came across @whereislucky on Instagram racking up over 10,000 followers, Logan Ford who goes by his middle name Lucky on social media has Baby, his Pomeranian travel with him. Lucky hails from a small town in Alabama and moved to Los Angeles after graduation. Baby was born in Ohio, she shares a birthday with Lucky’s mother of September 13th.

Lucky is an entrepreneur, model and travel blogger who frequently travel with Baby. We asked him for some of his top five travel tips and tricks.

1). “Pack light and smart! You don’t really need more than three pairs of underwear if you know how to use a washer. The key is being dual-purpose, purchase a good pair of shoes that can be dressy and practical.”

2)  “Know your airline! I couldn’t stress this enough, each airline has different rules. For this reason I’d also recommend not checking in any bags, hidden fees can ruin a trip before it’s even started.”

3) “Hostels are great if you’re on a budget, you can even look up for a homestay online where you work for your housing. If you choose the hostels route, I’d say to make sure you keep any valuables including your passport on yourself or ask the hostel if they offer a safe which some do!”

4) “Research your area and neighborhood before you go! This is important as many places can be high-risk areas where crime is prevalent. You want to always be aware of your surroundings and area.”

5) “Have fun, I mean traveling can be stressful at times. The importance in traveling is enjoying your time and experiencing the different culture. Obviously being open-minded to culture helps too.”

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