Top Travel Essentials that Every Mom

Whether you are traveling for leisure or work, new moms can often not leave their little ones behind and have to travel along with them. For most moms, traveling with a baby is the most dreadful thought since this little one can give you a real tough time. Following these travel tips will make your life a lot easier.


The most basic essential when you travel especially with babies and infants in your luggage. Your luggage must be durable, sturdy, and spacious and above all, it is easy to carry at the same time. Most mommies tend to go for oversized suitcases in a bid to pack every possible essential in a single bag. However, that can be extremely inconvenient to manage especially if you are traveling with the baby and have no help. A more practical approach would be to go for a medium-sized four-wheel suitcase that can accommodate all the essentials. If possible cut down on your own clothing and shoes and pack more for the bay, since they tend to spoil more clothes. Eliminate any unnecessary items and focus on essentials. It is recommended that you go for a good quality expandable suitcase rather than a hard case one.

Baby Bag

Your luggage is most likely to be checked in and you will not be able to access it most of the time. Make a separate baby bag with all essential baby supplies just in case if your baby needs something while the suitcase is inaccessible. Your baby bag should have a few diapers, clothing baby formula, feeder, and important meds if any. Having an additional baby bag handy can be a huge lifesaver in case of an emergency. Make sure your baby bag is waterproof, spacious, lightweight and easy to carry. Ideally, get a bag that you can carry on both your shoulders like a backpack.


Although the choice of your clothing needs to be driven by the climate at your destination, pack as light as possible so that you have to deal with less clutter. A couple of t-shirts, a formal shirt, pieces of denim, shorts, and a long dress should be more than enough. Pack a few extra clothes for the baby and cheap tees for yourself just in case the baby spoils it.


You will be walking a lot carrying your baby and you must wear smart comfortable shoes. A pair or FitFlops and a pair of high-quality sneakers can be your best investments and you will never regret spending on those heavenly shoes. Do away with heels or any kind of fancy uncomfortable shoes. You would not want to end up with sore feet on your trip


Now that you have landed it would be practical to leave most of your suitcase and bulkiest items at your hotel and move around with the minimal lead. However, when you are with a baby, a small satchel carrying a wallet and your keys are not the most practical choice. If you are traveling alone with the baby, carrying a baby bag and managing a baby at the same time can be quite challenging. Canvas tote bags can be a lifesaver on your trips since they are smart, durable and lightweight. You can slip in everything from diapers to clothes to wallets and even a laptop and carry it on your shoulders easily

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