Top Romantic Books of All Time

Romantic books, you know those types that make the butterflies in your stomach flutter, are an all-time readers’ favorite for a reason. The best of this bunch evoke the purest human emotions, a.k.a love in you, and can get the butterflies in your tummy doing a happy dance.

Valentine’s, at its best, is an excuse to feed your fantasies and even live your reality with these books. So here are some of the go-to books about love for your loving… Erm… reading pleasure!


 You bet one of the greatest romance books to grace the earth will make it to our list. Pride and Prejudice is a gem among gems. To think this book has occupied shelves and stolen hearts for decades on end, and yet it remains immemorial.

Saddled with the ultimate “happy ever after tale,” it tells the story of the relationship between Elizabeth Bennett, the daughter of a country gentleman, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a rich landowner.

Love is the main subject matter in this wonderful book as it engulfs our hearts in the beautiful sparks of romance.


Augustus and Hazel, a match made in a cancer support group, are the”synopsis” guys. While this book has an angsty and long-standing reputation for activating the lacrimal glands and exhausting tissue boxes, it is a total sweetheart.

The key characters’ support and care for each other ( despite their illness ) and their ability to make the word “okay” sound sexy as hell is simply heart-melting.

Conditioned to grapple with death at their peak years, Augustus and Hazel portray an unbelievable determination to live their best lives — cancer can be burning hell! We can all agree that John Green outdid himself with this one.

Devoid of any grand romantic gestures, the couple is content with spending quality time with each other. We loved how they redefined the phrase “misery loves company.” Be warned that the ending will leave you equal parts shattered and satisfied. How that is possible, well, read the book!


Who said love has to be all soft and squishy?

If you are all for romance with a sprinkle of reckless, then this is the book for you.

The adrenaline, the hot scenes, character development, passion, coitus, butt plugs, whips, romance, and even the Audis are enough to get you hooked on this trilogy.

What started as a favor for a friend led to a rather fortunate meeting between twenty-one-year-old Anastasia Steele and most sought out bachelor, Christian Grey.

Anastasia wasn’t prepared for the big reveal; that behind Christian’s tough businessman façade was a sweet man who needed all the love he could get. The domineering billionaire with a knack for playrooms ultimately realized that this seemingly “mundane” girl was a blessing in disguise. Believe it when we say; this is a book that isn’t to be missed.


Are you leaning towards the cliché romance? Then the notebook is the perfect pick.

This is the typical “rich girl loves poor boy” narrative.

Nicholas Spark’s reputation for being the king of romance novels was further reinforced in this book, as he gave us a hundred percent!

A whirlwind of romance and an emotional rollercoaster as Noah and Allie fall in love one summer. An unforgettable summer of couple goals set in the coastal North Carolina in 1946. This book did not fail to remind us that true and undying love does exist.

The chemistry between the characters, the hope, despair, love, and finally, the happiness is forever sizzling. A dive into this book and you’ll have zero regrets.

5.         OUTLANDER

A series of eight multi-genre novels by Diana Gabaldon, this book takes us back to the 18th century. A mix of adventure and romance that is sure to make you shed tears of joy. This is an exciting ride with great twists and turns that keep you wanting more and more and more!

Claire and James’s love is one to gush about as they see each other through many adventures involving blackjack. No question asked, this is a must-read!


Love is indeed very beautiful, and these books won’t show you otherwise. Sometimes we need to relive our stories and mushy emotions through the lens of romance books like the ones on our list. These narrations remind us that stories can end happily, that people can fall in love and savor all the goodies that come with it.

So get any of those books listed above and curl up this Valentine as you relish love through so many eyes. Check back for more interesting pieces like this and feel free to share your thoughts on any of the books above; don’t be a stranger!