Top Review Sites for Sleep Products

With so many new sleep products out there, finding credible, well thought out reviews has become challenging, and even that’s putting it mildly. The top review sites for sleep products are those that turn attention to brands and products with a good reputation and longstanding history. However, this focus is not at the expense of newcomers creating a buzz in the industry or innovative, cutting-edge products. 

We all know how important good sleep is to overall health. Here are a few great sites to check out if you’ve committed to make quality sleep your priority. 

Sleep Advisor 

Our first choice, Sleep Advisor, has a section dedicated to new sleep research shedding light on the mysteries of sleep. There are guides on buying a mattress if you need some clarity on memory foam or are looking for a specific brand. There is also a section on sleep hygiene to help you learn how to start sleeping better naturally. 

There is information on healthy sleep and the best sleep products for kids. It helps parents introduce healthy sleeping habits into their children’s lives early on as well as notice some warning signs of sleep disorders.

The shopping guides feature top-rated products and winners in different categories, including blankets, beds, and mattresses. If you want to compare products, you can do so with Sleep Advisor’s user-friendly comparison tool. It comes with a detailed analysis of each tested product. 

ZZZ Review 

The site was launched by a few weighted blanket enthusiasts who ended up writing comprehensive reviews of a huge number of sleep products available on the market. ZZZ publishes the latest news related to heavy blankets, evidence-based sleep health information, and unbiased product reviews. The site’s informative articles span numerous categories, including the best blankets for anxiety, the best weighted blankets for adults and children, best blankets for autism, heavy blankets for dogs, organic weighted blankets, cheapest weighted blankets, and the best cooling weighted blankets. 

American Sleep Association 

The American Sleep Association offers comprehensive reviews of products available on the market. The blog articles explore the relationship between pillows, blankets, mattresses, bedding, and healthy sleep. Millions of products claim to improve sleep quality. The ASA is putting these claims to the test. They investigate products to determine their importance in relation to a healthy and restful sleep because they are well aware there is no replacement for quality, adequate sleep

The Sleep Judge 

The team behind the Sleep Judge is comprised of experts who spend weeks testing pillows, mattresses, and other sleep accessories. They realize choosing a mattress or blanket can be hard because a person needs to take their height, body type, comfort preferences, weight, and possible disorders or sicknesses into account. What is a great mattress for one is another’s nightmare. Most people like soft mattresses, for example, but people with back problems prefer firm ones. 

The team does a variety of specialized tests, including motion transfer, heat retention, and firmness tests. Different individuals will prefer pillows of varying firmness and shape. Each member of the Sleep Judge’s team brings the reviews a unique perspective and an individual point of view to help readers with different preferences.  

On a final note, check out authority sites like Good Housekeeping for quality, unbiased reviews. 

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