Top Pop Songs To Listen To In Greece

Music is great for our minds. Listening to music helps us relax and relieve stress. If you are currently in Greece or living in Greece, there are pop songs that are popular and are now trending. Whether you’re on a cruise, the island, or any part of Greece, these songs can be a perfect fit.

Listen To These Top Hits on Greek Island Cruises or Any Parts of Greece:

1. Watermelon Sugar: This is a song by Harry Styles from his album, Fine Line. This song has a great beat to it and is best to listen to on a cruise or boating trip in Greece over the summer. But here’s a mini warning, if you listen to this song on a very hot day, you will crave watermelons.

2. Physical: This is a song by Dua Lipa from her album, Physical. The music video of this song was viewed by 205,876,544 people all over the world. This is a popular song played at bars, restaurants, or parties. So if you’re in your local bar or partying on the cruise, you may want to consider dancing your heart out with your friends when this song is played.

3. Savage Love: This is a song by Jason Derulo from his album, Savage Love. This song was released recently on June 11 2020. This song has a light beat of some rock and pop. It isn’t really a popular dance song but it is definitely popular for outdoor parties and events. So if you and your friends are having a pool party, give this song a shot. A glass of cocktail is recommended to add on to the fun, but only if it’s all adults of course.

4. Unstoppable: This is a song by Sia from her album, This is Acting. This song was released in 2016 so it’s a few years old. But that doesn’t matter because songs don’t have expiration dates! This is a great song to listen to if you’re feeling down. Hopefully the lyrics will increase your self esteem and get you excited!

5. Take You Dancing: This is a song by Jason Derulo from his album, Take You Dancing. This is a new song released in 2020 and the genre is a mixture of dance and electronic. The song is only 2.5 months old and is already a big hit! This song is ideal to listen on road trips or long drives. You can also listen to it on the beach as you’re sitting on the sand and feeling the beach breeze. So hurry up and take this song to your next beach party!

6. Who’s Laughing Now: This is a song by Ava Max from her album, Heaven and Hell. This song has a strong pop beat to it. This song is also 2.5 months old and was released at the end of July this year. This is a great song to dance to or just sit and listen to when you’re bored. Whatever your mood is, it’s guaranteed that this song will give you lots of energy and you’ll never fall asleep while listening to this! So if you need some motivation, listen to this song now! It will definitely give you the energy to get out of bed and visit the wonderful sights in Greece.

These are six top pop songs to listen to while in Greece. Greece is full of breathtaking sights and is high in pop culture. You can listen to these songs in many ways including at a cruise party, nights out at bars, parties, or even on your headphones while on a long journey!

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