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Plumbing repairs may seem complex and difficult, but don’t quit just yet. With the right plumbing parts, steady hands, and good knowledge of basic fixes, you can very well get your drains, faucets, and sinks back to working condition in no time. Knowing about easy plumbing repair and having an ample supply of plumbing replacement parts and kits on hand will help you get through simple plumbing emergencies without needing the help of a professional.

Minor plumbing jobs can be easily accomplished if you have experience with practical DIY repairs. There are so many common plumbing repairs that any ordinary homeowner can take on. There’s not much to them. If you know how to work a spanner wrench and where you can turn your water supply on and off, you’re in business. And if you are familiar with basic household repairs, you sure can handle easy plumbing fix-ups without having to call in your local plumber.

Ready to tackle some basic plumbing repair? It pays to have certain tools handy so you can be well on your way to doing your first DIY repair project:

  • A designated plunger for your sink and toilet (and your shower drain, if you frequently experience clogs or standing water in the shower)
  • An adjustable wrench and differently sized nuts and bolts
  • A screwdriver
  • A pair of pliers
  • A utility knife
  • A roll of plumbing tape
  • Plumber’s putty; and
  • A caulking gun

The above tools can pretty much cover basic repairs, but Plumbing replacement parts and kits are also good to have in case certain fixtures need fixing or replacing.

Here are some of the common repairs you can do yourself at home:

  • Faulty or leaky faucets

    A leak in your faucet can oftentimes be remedied by tightening pipes and securing connections. This said it pays knowing how to take different types of faucets apart in case the problem is more complex than loose pipes. It’s easy enough to find instructions on how to take apart the very type of faucet you have at home online. Tutorials and demos abound in written and video from so you can easily follow simple repair instructions.

    Experiencing a slow drip? The leak is most often caused by a loose or a damaged washer. Replacing this is as easy as taking out the old part and installing the new washer, but it is important to know the right size for the faucet before shopping for plumbing parts. 

Sometimes, the issue is much more complex than a broken or loose washer, for which you may need to install a brand-new faucet. When this happens, finding the proper replacement parts is crucial to fixing the problem. Read more about 4 signs that you may have a leak in your home.

  • Clogged drain

    A clogged or slow drain is another common plumbing issue with a simple solution. Like many things, preventing a clogged drain is key to avoiding related issues like standing water and slow drainage. It is best to use debris catchers in drain openings to prevent build-up. You should likewise avoid dumping grease and oil down your kitchen drains. 

Plumbing vent issues do require the expertise of a professional plumber, but when the problem stems from debris caught in the drain pipes, you should be able to get rid of this by snaking the drain or perhaps trying to push out the clog with a sink plunger. 

  • Running toilet

    A faulty floater switch or stop valve is often to blame when you have a running toilet. Simply jiggling the floater handle could fix the problem, but if symptoms persist, you may want to replace the assembly entirely to prevent water wastage. 

  • Old Showerheads

    Old showerhead models are notorious for their low pressure, which often leads to excessive water consumption. By upgrading to a newer model, you can reduce your water bill by 20% to 30%. Upgraded showerheads are designed to increase the air pressure and help reduce your water consumption.

There are many other types of DIY plumbing repairs that you can do yourself as long as you have the proper plumbing replacement parts. Just as important as knowing how to tinker with basic plumbing fixtures is finding the right plumbing parts to install. This ensures the quality and success of your repair. Danco offers an entire range of plumbing parts and repair kits to help you accomplish simple plumbing repairs smartly and easily.

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