Top Online Security Blog (2020)

It does not matter whether if you are a cybersecurity professional looking to pursue a career in this industry or just merely interested in the current cybersecurity landscape, cybersecurity blogs are often the best source of information you can find online.


However, since anyone could create a blog and write whatever they please, how do we know which online security blog is the best? After this article, you should have the answer to that question.


Founded by Stefan Esser back in 2002, Suspekt is a dedicated blog towards fostering a safer online space by educating users whether for personal or corporate purposes, on the risks involved with hacking, phishing, and other cybersecurity crimes.


Suspekt aims to help users by providing in-depth resources on ways to avoid cybersecurity crimes along with tips on dealing with it in the unfortunate occasion where you are a victim of such activities. There are some really good resources on spy apps too.


Over the years, Stefan Esser, the founder, has been a great contributor in terms of exposing bugs and security threats to remind both users and developers with regard to these problems and how to deal with them. The articles posted are pretty user-friendly and less technical to facilitate the learning process of most readers.

2. Krebs on Security

This website is one of the most influential blogs, and its author Brian Krebs is a well-known investigative journalist that covers computer security and cybercrime, earning himself many awards throughout the years.


This blog publishes an investigative series on uncovering cybercrime groups, high-profile data breaches, and the latest cyber threats. This blog will contain details of these investigations that you probably can’t find anywhere else.


The author’s high standing in the cybersecurity industry and expertise with the dark side of the internet has allowed him to access key resources that had led to the taking down of several hacker groups.

3. Schneier on Security

The author Bruce Schneier is a world-renowned security professional, commentator, and critic. He has written dozens of books, most notably ‘Applied Cryptography’ in 1994 which made him a legend in the world of cryptography.


Widely known as an unapologetic security critic, the author was highly active during the post 9/11 TSA era where he had no hesitation in criticising the state of panic created by the TSA, calling the entire ordeal a ‘security theatre’.


The blog has new updates almost daily, and you will definitely find the cybersecurity news that you need, along with the author’s commentary, essays, academic papers, and calendar of future speaking engagements on cybersecurity conferences.

3. Daniel Miessler

The author, Daniel Miessler has more than 20 years of experience in infosec. He has written many articles with topics about information security, OSINT, tech tutorials, philosophical pieces, learning and creativity, and more during his career.


His blog now covers many topics that intersect while dealing with security from both sides, the technological, and the human side. Being a well-respected individual in the industry, he has provided plenty of valuable insights and critiques on different theories, such as his piece on security by obscurity which most people really liked.

4. Zero Day by ZDNet

What really makes this blog stand out is their 24/7 coverage on all technologies and security news. If you want to know the current updates on the infosec world, Zero Day is the go-to website for most readers.


It doesn’t matter what role you play in IT, you will surely find something interesting on ZDNet(their main site) which allows you to follow the breaking news on data breaches, newly discovered vulnerabilities, and active threats.


Their website features categories including enterprise software, security, cloud, and AI, with the Zero Day blog focusing on the latest news on security research. They post around 5 times a day so you won’t miss anything in the industry.

5. Troy Hunt

The author is an Australian security expert and is also Microsoft’s Regional Director who’s also been named Microsoft’s Most valuable professional in developer security. He is always seen in the press covering big data leaks, and also in congress testifying on their global impact.


Troy writes in his blog regularly, giving weekly updates on where he talks about new technology, information, and conferences that he has participated in. His website also features news about private workshops, data breach analysis, and his own security experiences.


Along with his blog, he also features plenty of links to his Pluralsight courses, media coverage and appearances at industry conferences and workshops. Troy Hunt is practically a household name by now, and it is no surprise that he has earned a spot on this list.



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