Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Diamonds

The diamond captures the heart and mind of people all over. It inspires awe and romance and investor interest. What is it about the diamond that renders it so seemingly elusive despite being very accessible? In this article, we will be answering that question as well as helping you avoid some common mistakes people often make when purchasing diamonds.

Let’s get to it.

Diamonds fall into two categories: Colourless and Fancy Coloured Diamonds. Most people are very familiar with traditional colourless diamonds, yet it is still easy to make these critical mistakes. When purchasing a diamond always due your due diligence and avoid these:

  1. Selling or buying from a jeweller that doesn’t offer or provide certification
  2. Not looking at or understanding the grade of diamond
  3. Getting a quote from an unreliable source

The 5th C: Certification

Every time you purchase or sell a diamond, you always want to ask for certification. Any jeweller that cannot offer you a certification of their diamonds should be avoided at all costs. The certificate verifies each essential element of your diamond. Based on the four criteria for diamonds, each element from carat, colour, clarity, and cut must be certified by experts. Each has an impact on future resale value.

For fancy coloured diamonds for sale, the grading is also imperative except for clarity. An expert jeweller should show you a certification of each fancy coloured diamond for sale. Take note of the colour grade which will impact the price point the most.

Understand each C:

Whether you are looking to buy colourless or fancy coloured diamonds for sale, knowing what the C’s stand for and mean is very important.

For example, a dishonest jeweller may try to sell you a diamond that has a large carat (weight) while avoiding the fact that the colour and clarity are dismal. On the other hand, a salesperson may insist you only buy a flawless diamond when many grades such as VS1 or SI1 are perfectly beautiful diamonds. This is the same for colour. F and G are impossible to tell apart when side by side.

Coloured Diamond Grading

For coloured diamonds, as mentioned this will be slightly different. Natural fancy coloured diamonds for sale will offer a grade from fair to Fancy Intense, Deep and Vivid.

Never purchase a diamond without thoroughly understanding the difference and working with a trusted and recommended jeweller who is happy to explain the difference. Unfortunately, many people will sell synthetic or partially synthetic pieces of coloured jewellery to take advantage.

Last but not least, know your market.

Mark up is to be expected in any business but knowing the diamond market will help you avoid rip-offs.

Here is a general rule of thumb:

½ carat diamonds range between $700-$1000.

An engagement ring will run you around $2-$3k. Although, many people spend up to 3 times that because of the market. Choosing an online dealer is a great way to avoid markup as they don’t have the same overhead costs as a brick and mortar. Check out trusted diamond experts like Astteria Diamonds to purchase a beautiful and well-priced colourless or fancy coloured diamonds for sale.

Take Away

It is easy to make mistakes when buying diamond jewellery. Follow our pro tips to avoid these mistakes and get a beautiful piece or more for the right price and quality. Happy hunting!

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