Top funny dad shirts for a father

It is hard to find the perfect gift for a dad. However, sometimes a father just needs a peace of thing that makes him smile. Funny dad t-shirts are a great source of fun. They are a reminder of the fun side of fatherhood. Here are some ideas for you about fathers day shirts for dad.

#1: Dad Jokes Are How Eye Roll T-shirt

This tee is perfect for a humorous dad. If your dad is a funny guy, this t-shirt could help you share his good cheer with the world. This tee, with a simple design, will tickle his funny bone. Wearing this Dad Jokes Are How Eye Roll T-shirt, he will definitely bring some smiles for everyone around him.  

#2: Dad, The Man, The Myth, The Legend

This tee describes your dad perfectly well. All the lines are so special, short, sweet and irresistibly funny. Your dad will be so happy to receive the gift as not only does it have the perfect sentiment, but also a great sense of humor. This tee acknowledge his superhero traits in a lighthearted way. You dad will never want to take this tee off.

#3: Dad Bod In Progress T-Shirt

This is one of the funny dad shirts that has a hilarious twist which will fix a permanent smile on a dad’s face. A dad bod is a fact of life, no matter how much he wants to fight it. The problem is how much time it takes to grow one. But if your dad already has one and he seems not to have any problem with it, just buy him this funny t-shirt from a shop like Chummy Tees.

#4: Worlds Okayest Dad

Of course, your dad wants to be the best dad in your mind, but if he hasn’t made it, this dad tee will crack him up. The best part about it is that he might know that he hasn’t been good enough. That’s why he didn’t make the list. This shirt tells him that he needs to perform better next time. But one thing for sure, he will be very proud to show this tee off. 

#5: Best Dad In The Galaxy

Who doesn’t love Stars War? This funny shirt is inspired by the famous TV show. If your dad loves the show, this is one of the funny dad shirts you can give him. It will tell him how much he means to you. You don’t need to worry if he likes it or not, the only question is how to get him to take it off when it starts to stink. 

#6: 99% Sure I’m The Funniest Dad Ever T-Shirt

Although you don’t think that your dad is the funniest guy, if he thinks he is and he is actually funny, this tee is suitable for him. No matter how much you understand his jokes, you still want to show some appreciation. With one of these funny dad shirts, you will be able to do that. In fact, wearing this shirt might get him to improve on his humor.

#7: Proud Father of a Few Dumbass Kids

The line will make everyone laugh when they look at this tee. Although your dad might not say it out loud, he probably finds his kids annoying. If you think he does, buy him this perfect little gift to show him there is no shame in admitting it. Being a dad is exciting but also exhausting. So he needs one or more of these funny dad shirts. This tee could help him keep his sanity when they get on his nerves. 

#8: Camping Dad T-shirt

If your dad loves the outdoors, you should buy him this funny t-shirt. He will love wearing this whenever he takes you camping. The title will make him proud by just looking at it. He will probably want to claim his title all over again. Enjoy spending time with your dad in one of these funny dad shirts.  

#9: Dad AF

This tee is the perfect gift for a new dad. Nothing captures his intrigue better than one of these funny dad shirts! This Dad AF tee reminds him about pleasant memories and gives him a reason to smile. Also, people around him will just laugh when seeing him wearing this shirt.  

#10: The Cat Father Funny Shirt

We all know about The Godfather, one of the greatest father movies of all times. This tee is inspired by the movie. If your dad is a fan of this movie, and he especially loves cats, there is no more perfect gift for him than this tee. It is a combination of humor and sentiment! 

#11: Go Ask Your Mother T-shirt

This phrase “Go ask your mother” is probably one of the most common phrases for dads. It allows them to pass the baton for weighty decisions. Although moms don’t like this phrase very much, they will still laugh when they see their husbands wearing this shirt, along with everyone around him. This is one of the funny dad shirts you could get for him. 

#12: Dadacorn Funny Dad Unicorn T-Shirt

This tee is perfect for a sweet, thoughtful and charming dad. May be the unicorn is his spirit animal. Not only has this dadacorn shirt got to be one of the funniest dad shirts, it is also one of the easiest choices if you want to make him blush. 

#13: Father of the Year

If you proud of your dad and think he is perfect, award him with this Father of the Year shirt. No matter what reason makes you feel he deserves this, it is the perfect way to let him know. This tee can also make him proud and remind him of the many joys of fatherhood when he is your superhero. 

#14: The Best Dads Make Pancakes

Every father wants to be the best dad, but not many of them are willing to go into the kitchen and cook their kids a meal. But if your dad does it, appreciate him with this tee. Although this is one of those funny dad shirts, it is also so cool and cozy that your dad will love to wear it every day. As he wears it, he will let everyone know that the best dad title doesn’t come that easy. It also reminds him about what he needs to do to keep this title.

The shirt suggested above is really cool for your dad. If you see more, please check out Hope you can choose a satisfactory one.

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