Top 8 Best Infant Car Seats

If you’re having a baby, one thing you’ll be spending a lot of money on as they grow up are car seats. The first type you’ll need to buy is an infant car seat. There are different car seats you can choose from; all have different features and price tags. Here, we’ve provided information on the eight best infant car seats.

1. Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat.

This car seat has many unique features. Its spring-loaded leveling foot helps parents get the right angle when they’re installing it. The level indicators allow parents to tell when they’ve got the seat at the correct angle. The Super-Cinch tightener makes it easy for parents to tighten it. Finally, it clicks into compatible Chicco strollers easily.


  • It has lower and upper inserts for smaller babies.
  • The mother can adjust the harness and headrest can to different heights. They can also adjust the crotch buckle to two different positions.
  • The EPS energy-absorbing foam provides great protection from side impacts. —-The lockoffs on the base give you the option to use seatbelts.
  • The canopy provides sun protection.
  • You can remove and wash the seat cover.


  • It only has one crotch buckle position, where other car seats have two.
  • Chicco has provided a removable canopy, but it’s much smaller than the ones found on other car seats.

2. Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat.

This top of the line car seat takes five seconds to install. The dream drape extension on the canopy provides extra protection on hot days. Also, the mesh “peek-a-boo” window allows parents to keep an eye on their baby.


  • The fabric is soft and provides thick padding where it’s needed.
  • The handle is comfortable, and the padding provides enough protection for even small babies.
  • The canopy has a “dream drape” extension to provide extra protection on hot days.
  • The included stability leg makes the car seat more stable.


  • It’s difficult to find in brick and mortar stores.
  • The LATCH connectors are stiff and attached to the base of the car seat, so you won’t be able to use non-traditional LATCH positions. If you want to do that, you’ll have to use your car’s seat belt.

3. Graco Snugride Snugfit Infant Car Seat.

This car seat can be used on airplanes because it’s FAA approved. It also has a longer expiration date – it’s good for 7 years, and children can use it in rear-facing mode up to 2 years old.


  • Removable cushioning makes the ride cozy for newborns.
  • The infant carrier is compatible with Graco strollers, but you will need an adaptor to use it with other brands.


  • Some mothers thought the car seat wasn’t wide enough to fit babies weighing more than 25 pounds, especially if they have broad shoulders.
  • The fabric isn’t as breathable or comfortable as that found on other car seats.

4. UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat.

This car seat is fire-resistant. It’s also easy to install – it uses a tightness meter and LATCH connects that retract by themselves to allow you to install it quickly and accurately.


  • It has a lock off if you want to use the belts in your vehicle.
  • The headrest and shoulder straps adjust to five different heights without needing to be threaded again.
  • The crotch buckle adjusts between two positions but requires rethreading.


  • You need to adjust the handlebar with two hands.
  • The canopy isn’t big, and it gets close to the handlebar when both are up.
  • The fabric isn’t soft and breathable.
  • Some babies who tested it always had sweaty backs.

5. Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat.

The Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat as a SafeCenter LATCH system that’s easy to install and tighten the seat in your vehicle. The SafeCell impact protection system provides a strong steel frame. Its energy-absorbing base compresses during a collision to keep babies protected.


  • It has a seat base that attaches with either a LATCH system or the seat belt.
  • They also provide support for small infants because of the infant padding that’s included.
  • The Elite and Ultra models have two positions for the crotch strap, and multiple shoulder harness strap positions.
  • The Cool Flow fabric provides ventilation during warmer months so your baby’s back won’t get sweaty.
  • The canopy is large, so it provides sun protection.


  • The car seat is heavy with the base.
  • Large babies may not be comfortable in the carrier, because it has a deep cradle. – You can’t adjust the harness while the baby is in the seat.
  • There’s no cup holder
  • Babies get hot when sitting in it.
  • You need an adaptor if you want to use it with a travel system.

Important note: The buckle piece was recently recalled. To get a replacement, contact Britax.

6. Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller.

This amazing car seat converts into a stroller, so you don’t have to have both with you. Its double-wall structure provides excellent protection for your baby.


  • It saves space since it’s both a car seat and a stroller.
  • It’s easy to convert between the two modes.
  • Because it’s compact, it’s great to use in stores and restaurants.


  • The frame isn’t steel-reinforced.
  • It’s heavy so it’s difficult to carry.
  • The harness is adjustable but needs to be rethreaded from the back.
  • The canopy is small and doesn’t extend very far.

7. Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat.

The Maxi-Cosi Mico Max has a larger canopy with a flip out visor to provide extra sun protection. The adjustable base has rebound protection. The cover can be removed easily for washing, and then put back on without having to rethread the harness.


  • It has EPP energy-absorbing foam instead of EPS, which can be more brittle. – –
  • The MaxShade extension extends the canopy another six inches for extra protection.
  • The mesh sides provide more ventilation.
  • It uses high-quality self-wicking fabric that’s similar to denim; it makes the car seat more breathable to prevent your baby’s back from getting too sweaty.


  • Though the canopy is large, it doesn’t open tight.
  • When you’re placing the car seat on the base and rotating the canopy and carry handle out of the way, the handle pushes up against the canopy and won’t lock back into place easily.
  • The large warning labels on the cushion right where the baby’s head and face are resting make it uncomfortable for the baby during naptime.
  • The harness height adjustment needs to be rethreaded when it’s changed.

8. Peg Perego PV 4/35 Infant Car Seat.

The dual stage cushion system provides extra support on the baby’s neck and bottom in the first stage. The second stage supports the baby correctly to help keep them in the correct position.


  • The side impact padding can be adjusted to six positions up and down to accommodate your baby as they grow.
  • The handle is comfortable, and the car seat provides plenty of padding even for smaller babies.
  • It’s made of a soft plush jersey breathable cotton and has an adjustable height 5-point harness that doesn’t require rethreading.
  • The canopy is also a good size, and it has EPS energy-absorbing foam.


  • It’s not comfortable to carry because the canopy opens up against the handle.
  • It doesn’t have a steel-reinforced frame like car seats made in America.

In Conclusion:

We reviewed the best 8 car seats and their unique features. No matter which one you chose, you can be sure your baby will have optimum protection. It’s important to buy the best and most affordable one for you so you can be sure they will have adequate protection until they’re old enough for a larger car seat. When choosing one, consider what features are most important to you, and how much you’re willing to pay.

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While spending countless hours researching car seats for her children, she created an educational car seat blog, to educate other mothers about the importance of car seats. Further, along the way, the blog became an invaluable source for research of a variety of car seat brands, unique features, and mommies’ reviews.

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