Top 7 Instagram Hacks | Becoming an Instagram Guru

Trying to grow your personal Instagram page? Perhaps your business page? It’s no surprise, given that Instagram has evolved into a formidable marketing tool and a lucrative source of customers.

In light of this, many think that spending cash on advertising will gain them more followers, little do they know that they could accomplish way more without spending a single dime! Let me let you in on a little secret: the key to being an Instagram Guru is engagement.

The secret of an engagement of your current and potential followers lies in a high-quality content strategy based on the interests of the target audience. To get valuable insights to create your own engaging content strategy, use the online Instagram activity tracker Snoopreport. With it, you can track hashtags, likes, comments, interests and follows of any Instagram users with a public profile. This will allow you not only to significantly increase the reach and engagement of your profile, but also to attract the new target audience. Among other things, this tool is perfect for your personal purposes. Discover what your favorite celebrities, friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends like on Instagram with Snoopreport one and only Instagram activity tracker.

Having a large number of followers is useless if they aren’t interested in what you have to offer. The more interactions you have, the faster your fan base will grow. Increase your engagement with SocialPlus. Here are 7 Instagram growth tactics that will help you establish a loyal following:

1. Like Posts in Your Niche.

The CEO of Freshly Picked, Susan Petersen spoke at an online conference on how she expanded her Instagram account to nearly 400,000 followers (She now has more than 800,000!). She claimed that in the beginning, she would spend hours each night liking other people’s images, especially those that were interested in her niche.

As such, Susan recommends going through other people’s accounts and liking 5-10 photos. It would also be beneficial to make a real comment and follow them. This helps to publicize your name and allows other people to find you. If you’re wondering how to find users in your niche, check hashtags or see who your favorite Instagrammers have as followers.

2. Organize Your Photos Into a Theme.

Having followed point number 1, people will automatically start noticing your username and may check out your account. This is where you capture their attention — Give them something to fall in love with!

Creating an Instagram theme will particularly prove to be beneficial. Make a list of a few words you’d like others to connect with your account e.g. full of love, artsy, and colorful. Once you’ve decided on a theme, make every effort to keep with it! Some accounts that are killing it with amazing themes include  Wonderforest, Jessica Safko, and Studio DIY, check them out!

3. Mingle, Mingle, Mingle.

It’s not called social media for nothing! Respond to other people’s comments and leave your own on other people’s work. Try to provide meaningful remarks and questions that encourage others to upload additional photographs rather than something cliche like “nice clothing.” This way, you leave a lasting impression and foster a lasting relationship.

4. Come Up With Your Unique Hashtag and Urge Others to Use It as Well.

This is a fantastic method to grow your audience and add new stuff to your account. First and foremost, come up with a unique hashtag (be sure it isn’t currently in use!) and invite people to use it. It’s better if the hashtag has a specific goal in mind.

A Beautiful Mess, for example, invites fans to use the hashtag #ABMLifeIsColorful in all of their colorful, cheerful photographs. Once people start to use your hashtag, repost their photographs and make sure you give them full credit.

This not only builds community by demonstrating your appreciation for your followers’ images, but it also provides content for your account. Lastly, don’t forget to use the hashtag yourself!

5. Run a Contest.

Have anything you’d like to give away? – How about holding a contest? Have any unique ideas and concepts? – Request that others repost a specific image with your name in the caption.

Ask them to follow you. Alternatively, you could ask them to use your hashtag on their photos. If you want to collaborate with other Instagrammers, you could even try a loop giveaway. This will increase your popularity and in the process gather some new following.

6. Take Advantage of Instagram Stories!

Instagram Stories, believe it or not, are fast gaining in popularity, with over 400 million daily users. Many people even claim that watching stories is more enjoyable than scrolling through their page. That said, make your stories as unique as possible.

Show your followers the most exciting aspects of your day by taking them behind the scenes. Pose inquiries. Make use of polls, amusing GIFs, and music. Play around with Boomerangs and filters. This is a fantastic approach to get familiar with video and interact with your audience on a deeper level.

7. Encourage Your Audience to Take Action.

As basic as it may sound, people are more inclined to do something if you ask them to do it. Wanna share a quote? Ask them to type yes or like it if they agree with your quote!

Likewise, when you share a meme or something amusing, request that your fans tag a buddy! Pose open-ended inquiries and so much more! If you put the concept out there, your followers will be more likely to act on it.

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement!

Instagram has surpassed its image as a fun app for teens and has evolved into a major content marketing, networking, and audience-building tool for individuals and businesses. Try these 7 hacks and watch them work miracles if you want to take your page to the next level. Keep this in mind: Engagement is the key to growing your Instagram presence!

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