Top 6 Exercises for Getting V Lines With a Stability Ball

For those who are just beginning to work out, the ever elusive v line may seem impossible to achieve. Core training can be painful and daunting, but with the proper workout and routine, it does not have to be that way.

Below are some of the most effective methods of getting your body into the perfect shape. These v line abs female exercises are sure to help you jumpstart your adventure into fitness, all with the help of a low investment, low risk yoga ball.

1) Stability Ball Rollouts

Rest your arms on the ball, getting in a plank position with your feet directly behind you. Then slowly roll out your arms until you have stretched out your abs, pausing for a second before rolling it back in to finish the rep. This will build up muscles in your abdomen over time with enough practice. While this could be difficult, beginners can start with their knees on the ground rather than in plank position to do more reps.

2) Stability Ball Crunch

Another workout targeting your abs, crunches on an exercise ball have been shown to be up to 40% more effective than regular crunches. This means that you can exercise the same amount for a shorter time and still work out your abs more! To do this exercise, lay on the yoga ball with your lower back pressed against it, your arms crossed over your chest. Perform crunches in this position by flexing your waist, keeping your hips in place. Make sure to do this exercise slowly. Once you get more experienced, you could add weights to increase the difficulty.

3) Stability Ball Side Crunch

Move next to a wall, and lay on the stability ball on your side with your feet touching the wall to keep your balance. After placing your hands on the sides of your head, begin performing side crunches by lifting your elbow towards your side. Lower yourself until your other elbow almost touches the floor to complete a rep. Make sure to alternate the side you are laying on after every set to exercise every core muscle evenly.

4) Stability Ball Knee Raises

Balance on the stability ball with your lower back against it. Then, lift one knee and bring it towards your chest until your leg makes a right angle with your body. Slowly lower it to the ground and repeat with your other leg to complete the rep. Variations to make it easier can include performing the exercise close to a solid wall or other structure so that you can hold on or lean against it for extra balance.

5) Stability Ball Pike and Tuck

Both of these require a great deal of balance. To perform the stability ball pike, place both feet on the ball with your hands in front in a push-up position, Then slowly pull your feet towards your arms, making sure to keep the legs straight, and raise your hips until you are adequately stretched. Finally, return to the original position to finish one rep. For the stability ball tuck, it is a variation of the pike for beginners. Start in the same place, only as you pull your feet in, bring your knees towards your chest, focusing on bending them rather than keeping them straight. Then return to the starting position to finish the rep.

6) Stability Ball Pass

This exercise works on flexibility as well as tightening the core. Start by laying your back on the floor with the stability ball in your hands. With arms stretched above your head and legs flat on the floor, your body should make a perfect line. Slowly perform a crunch, lifting your legs while keeping them straight. At the same time, raise your arms and pass the ball from between your hands to between your legs before returning to the original position. Then repeat the motion, this time returning the ball from between your legs to your hands to complete the rep. It is like a v sit, only with a stability ball to increase the difficulty and intensity.


V lines on a girl are one thing that can boost self-confidence as well as show off how dedicated you are to pursuing a routine. Jump onto this latest trend and begin building your routine, mixing and matching exercises as needed. It doesn’t have to be daunting and with the help of our guide, sculpting your abs does not have to be as painful.

With some yoga balls costing less than ten dollars, this is the perfect way for anyone who doesn’t want to splurge on a gym membership. For more information, tips, or tricks for getting your v line, check out this website.

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