Top 5 Tap Water Contaminants

Water is a part of life, and every creature needs water to survive. Water makes up a large percentage of the body, and sometimes people do not need food, all they need is water to keep healthy. When exercising the body to reduce fat, water is required in order to regulate your body, so you do not pass out.

A person can stay without food for two days, but if he or she stays without water, they start to lose strength quickly. Just as everyone needs water to survive, water can also be the cause of a sickness that you go through from time to time. Just like food, when water is contaminated, it can upset your bloodstream and stomach and cause you to have illnesses like diarrhea and dysentery. Water contamination happens all over the world, but for people who know how to preserve the water that goes into their bodies, they are free from these germs.

The germs that enter into water to make it unfit for drinking or using is known as contaminants. These contaminants are usually attracted to bad water or water that has not been well protected. When they go into the water, they begin to reproduce by laying eggs, thereby destroying the water and making it unfit for drinking.

Another example of a place where contaminants stay is stagnant water. If you leave water uncovered in your home for a long time without touching it for days or weeks, there is a strong chance that these contaminants would have started breeding in the water. By the time you want to use that water for yourself or family, it would be too dirty and contaminated to use. 

Why do People not Know About Contaminants?

Sometimes, it is difficult for you to believe what you cannot see, and water is very transparent, so no one can see that any germ is breeding inside it. Some people have a habit of stirring water before they take from it thinking that the contaminants will fly away, but that is not true. Once the water is contaminated, it is unfit for drinking and should be treated first before use. There are many water contaminants that you should know of, but these five are the most common types. 

Types of Tap Water Contaminants


These can be found in chemical compounds around the environment. These organisms can remain dormant for a long time until they find a place to breed. This is one of the most deadly types of contaminant, and its results can lead to death. 


This is a chemical that can be found in fertilizers or manure. The natural nitrogen found in the soil can be converted into nitrate. 


This is a combination of rock formations in the soil, and it is lethal when it makes its way to the borehole. Underground water is capable of dissolving the arsenic in the soil, and this is carried to streams or rivers.


A type of bacteria found in water is known as E. coli and fecal coliform. The presence of these bacteria in water can cause illnesses like headache, cramps, diarrhea, nausea, amongst others. 


Sewage-contaminated water can be infected with various species of viruses, which can, in turn, cause an array of illnesses that can be difficult to battle it with drugs. This is why people are always warned to purify their water.

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  1. Hi Mamabee!

    Great article! I know the last sentence alludes to your recommendation of purifying your home’s water but I’m curious, did you come across all of the contaminants that are in bottled water? I agree, purifying is the way to go (I installed one a few months ago in about 20 minutes) but hopefully you can steer folks away from the environmental nightmare that is bottled water!

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