Top 5 simple DIY wood projects to try out this summer

Looking to build your own bar? Have a garden that’s ready for some much-needed TLC? Take advantage of summer and the extra light hours to become a DIY master with this top 5 wood projects.

A pallet planter

Add some rustic chic to your garden with a trendy pallet planter. Not only are these a unique way to display your plants and decorative fauna, but they are also eco-friendly and make use of something that would have been thrown otherwise.

Pallets can be found in most places and many companies will give them away to you for free if they simply use them just for shipping and receiving new stock. Try your local green grocers or garden centre and ask if they have any pallets that they won’t be needing to use anymore. Otherwise, online marketplaces are good for finding these types of materials to work with.

A bird hotel

This isn’t your regular birdhouse! A bird hotel is a decorative, multi-story birdhouse designed to help multiple birds nest and feed at the same time.

By using a wood glue and vice to help hold them together, you can join pieces of wood up to create the perfect shape for nesting birds to stay in. Remember to add a feeding station, your own personal touches of paintwork and attachments to hang it with. This is a fun and creative activity for all the family to enjoy, especially small children who are avid nature enthusiasts.

A tiki bar

Did somebody say cocktails? With your very own garden bar, gone are the days of waiting in line only to realise that the place you’re at doesn’t serve your favourite tipple.

Depending on the style of bar you are trying to achieve, you can go for a simplified open top U-shaped bar with a couple of shelves and storage spaces or go the whole hog and create your very own shed bar, complete with roof and seating for when the weather turns colder. Don’t forget to add those special tiki bar touches!

A charcuterie board

Perfect for nibbles and date nights, a homemade wooden charcuterie board is the ideal way to show off to dinner guests and put your DIY skills to good use. Why not try personalising your board with your initials engraved or create bevelled edges and indents for where your dips can go?

Use some oak wood to make your board look even more extravagant. You could even gift your board to a loved one.

A record stand

As records are on the rise again, why not display your collection with a handmade vinyl record stand?

Showcase your favorite albums to guests and add personality to your home. You can make this as simple or as complex as you’d like. With an ‘X’ shape you can assemble 4 pieces of wood (or two pieces with slots cut out for joining!) and create a rustic, shabby chic way of having your music on show.

This also doubles up as a magazine rack, or even just a quirky little shelf to showcase your favorite things!