Top 5 Inspirational Home Office Design Ideas for 2020

If you’re among the legions of workers that have taken the opportunity to work from home, you may be considering the redesign of your spare room. A home office needs to be comfortable, personal and inspirational.

Interior office designer, Office Principles, say the trend for 2020 is to give home offices a look and feel that is inspired by nature. The goal is to include natural materials and textiles without going overboard and cluttering your space.

If you like the idea of revamping your spare room and creating an inspirational home office, it’s important to include specific elements that will enhance your performance.

Soothing Colors Inspired By Nature

Having a favorite color is a personal choice, but it is important to note that color psychology also has an impact on cognitive function so it’s important to choose the right blend of colors for your home office.

For example, warm colors stimulate the subconscious and can enhance energy levels. However, bright colors also over-stimulate the senses and can have a negative impact on your concentration.

It’s therefore recommended to tone down bright colors in favor of cool shades such as green, pale blue and cream. To enhance creativity, purple is a good option – with just a smattering of reds, oranges and yellows.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Given we typically spend around 90% of the time indoors, we are disconnected to nature. To overcome this, more people are bringing nature indoors – and 2020 is expected to see natural materials used more often in interior design.

The trend towards natural materials will include dark wooden flooring, long wooden desks and furniture that incorporates seagrass, wicker, bamboo or corn. Natural materials that already have a strong niche in furniture production can all be used for decorative details.

Benefit from Plants

People that work from home typically work longer hours, so you need to consider your health and wellbeing. Studies show that plants in home offices can improve air quality and reduce stress. Plants also enhance the aesthetics of a room.

Find Inspiration of your Pinboard

There are times in the day when you need to take a break from your work, stare into space and find inspiration. Pinboards are ideal for positioning thought-provoking images and quotes where they are easily accessible to the eye.

You can also use pinboards to place reminder notes and map out strategies. Some professionals like graphic designers, photographers, writers and other creatives use pinboards as “mood boards” that can help spark inspiration.

Minimalism – The Scandi Way

A clean and calm office that is free from clutter also helps declutter the mind. If you don’t have much space in your room, minimalism enables you to create more space that can help advance creativity.

The Scandinavian movement is a design concept that inspires minimalism and practicality. Invest in storage furniture that does not take up floor space but uses the height of the room – tall bookcases, shelves.

If you want a centerpiece in the room, and a splash of inspirational color, invest in a rug and paint the walls with a pale hue to enhance daylight and make the room feel spacious.

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