Top 5 Foods That Taste “The Best” in April Than They Will During the Year

Every food has its own season. You all know that. You can’t eat a veggie that tastes the best during winter in the summer days. I mean, you can. Of course you can.

The culture now allows us to eat foods throughout the whole year. I don’t know if they are healthy, but you can find them in the grocery stores.

I refuse to buy foods that are available for purchase when it’s not their season.

The reason why I tell you this is because I found a very interesting topic to discuss with you. The spring is officially here and that means the delicious products around the world are coming your way.

It’s too early to buy spring foods now. They will be tasty, but the deliciousness is saved for later. We are at the start of March now, but April will be the month when many foods will be at the peak of their taste.

Here are the 5 foods that will taste the best in April.

Ataulfo Mangos

We are used to seeing mangos being characterized with fresh green color and reddish blush. These mangoes are yellow.

They are grown all over the world, but April is the month when the tastiest versions are coming from Mexico. The taste is just awesome.


The summer berry just got tastier in April. The blackberries coming from Mexico will hit the grocery stores at the end of this month. They are very plump, very big, and they have no tartness.

I challenge you to try just one blackberry and leave the rest for later. That’s impossible.


Spring is the season of asparagus. April is the month to cherish its taste. Loads of asparagus come from California where the soil is soft and black.

Warm days and cool nights are perfect for growing asparagus. Opt in for the thicker varieties of asparagus. They are more fibrous.


Artichokes are available through the year, but April is the best month to eat them.

This month produces the meatiest artichokes than you will find through the year. Buy them fresh and don’t let their daunting shape distance you from cooking them.


Oh man, I can’t wait for them. The best tasting strawberries are coming in April. I think I can wait a week or two more to buy the first container of strawberries.

There you have it. What’s your favorite food coming in April?

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Source: Time

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