Top 5 Children’s Car Seats

The safety of your child in the rhythm of modern life depends on his transport in a car. Ordinary car safety belts do not fulfill their function in a sufficient measure, it is somewhat human up to 6 kg and a maximum of 1.5 meters. For this purpose, the so-called “child restraint devices” are designated.

Subex Pallas M-Fix SL An ergonomic, detailed model. Suitable for children: 9 months – 11 years. The capital is removed completely after that, as the whole child reached 15 kg.

The Britax Romer Advansafix IV R is universal (for 1,2 and 3 groups, i.e., it can be up to 6 kg), practical and, most importantly, no loss of safety, is just the same, it is a little bit more than a fourth. by the year 2019. Users mark the main drawback of the model in the form of a sufficiently deep planting of the child – its side view reduces the airflowers around the head.

JOIE Transcend 4 “stars” of ADAC crash tests. In this way, except for the good indications (as a result of the tests in 2016), this design is sold for a relatively short time. There is no internal memory, but there is a protective side.

BRITAX ROMER Kidfix XP Isofix This model was successfully tested in 2014, and since then it has been quite popular. The chair received 4 “stars” of ADAC crash tests. Users note the good quality of the assembly and the very comfortable headrest. The model is comfortable for sleeping a child.

Chicco Youniverse Fix Models are assigned a “yellow” level in the text of ADAC-2018. The back can be adjusted without removing the child from the seat. Buyers note the convenient child’s sleep in this chair.

Unfortunately, many families can’t allow themselves to ensure that the child is in a safe condition when the vehicle is not transported. However, the parents should remember that even in the budget car seat the child is protected, not much at all, regardless of the size of the child.

Children’s car seat – this is a nice gift for a child. While in such a chair, the child knows what to take care of him, she is given special attention. Manufacturers also have children’s car accessories, as well as various bright and stylish accessories for additional comfort find the best baby seat in the online store

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