Top 5 Best Geyser Brands in India Reviewed

A good geyser makes for a more comfortable home. It reduces your billing, lowers energy consumption and makes maintenance hassle free. Brands matter, and these are the big ones that live up to expectations. 

1. AO Smith

For years, AO Smith has been the producers of the best geysers in India. Their vertical water heaters often rank high on lists, especially when they come from the signature series sold in consumer stores. For contractors, the ProLine water heaters are an important branding choice to pair with their services. AO Smith has innovation as their mantra, and continues to push the industry in a modern direction. Currently, the best model is the AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 unit. It has already reached several bestselling lists as one of the fullest featured consumer geysers in the world. 

2. LifeLong

LifeLong geysers should be a great choice if you’re coming from an older product. For a while now, the Lifelong 3 L Instant Water Geyser has been a favorite of many consumers. It’s most suitable for high rise buildings, but is versatile enough to be used in other dwellings. Lifelong is a company that lives up to its name by having the longest lasting geysers in the industry. Their warranties are solid, and their prices are the most budget friendly you’ll find without a dip in quality. 

3. Crompton

Crompton has earned a name for creating power efficient geyser models for homes. They have over seventy-five years of experience as one of the top companies in India. The Crompton Arno Neo 15-L is their best model, with a lot of users praising its design and power efficiency. Depending on the year, Crompton has topped both LifeLong and AO Smith in customer satisfaction. They are a true top three company, and show no signs of slowing down.

4. Usha

When the Usha Aquerra DG 25 Litre debuted, it was a surprise to everyone in the industry. It is currently the best large capacity digital geyser on the market. Thanks to an overhauled feature set and design, it manages to avoid a lot of the problems of other high-capacity models.  Usha has a similar philosophy to AO Smith with the way they prioritize innovation. An Usha product will cost a lot up front, but pays for itself within the first year of usage.

5. Hindware

Hindware is an overlooked geyser company in India. Their products are solid, appropriately priced and does a good job keeping up with the competition. Hindware competes on the consumer level, delivering alternative options for consumers that want to try a different brand. Most of their models are equipped with competing technologies and a space saving design. There are no standouts with their models, as their entire catalog is balanced around a consumer’s wants and needs. 

Find A Good Brand

You can either get something cheap, or you can get a geyser from a reputable brand. Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to valuable home appliances. A good brand will always make a world of difference when you prioritize quality over everything else.