Top 4 Reasons Why Performance Gear Should Be Worn On a Date

Conventional wisdom tells us that there is a certain type of attire we should wear on a date to look presentable and desirable. Who would have thought that one day we’d be sporting workout clothes to feel and look impressive? Fitness dating gurus had no doubt this day would come, but if you’re still iffy about wearing leggings and a t-shirt on a date we’d like to persuade you, and offer our top 4 reasons why doing so will ensure you attract the right kind of person for the right reasons.

#1: It Tells the Person You’re Down to Earth

Obviously, you couldn’t possibly wear your performance gear if you’re going on a date to the Plaza. That being said, in order to be able to pull off your Nike leggings as acceptable date attire, you have to choose the kind of date to fit your outfit. By suggesting a bike ride or a hike through the woods as your date idea, you’re setting yourself up for success in two ways. First, you get to show off your perfectly toned legs in your yoga pants, and second, you get to show your date you’d much rather spend time outside being active than going out to a $300-dollar dinner.

#2: It Speaks Volumes about Your Lifestyle

As a fitness buff, you take great pride in leading a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t only include working out 4 or 5 times a week. It also means you’re eating healthy, probably even organic or vegetarian, and your rock hard abs are not the only reason for this. You’re making a conscious choice to eat healthy because such a choice is good for the environment as well, not just yourself. This speaks volumes about your state of mind and the kinds of decisions and values you have. Fitness singles can spot each other from miles away because their healthy lifestyle gives them a glow that is pretty much irresistible, and you should absolutely accentuate it on your date.

#3: It Shows Off Your Figure

This one is a given. Performance gear is made to show off your physical assets in the best possible way, as it hides all the parts you’re not too thrilled about and puts an emphasis on those you’ve worked so hard to achieve. If you’re particularly proud of your upper arms, wear a tank top that will also show off just how strong and beautiful your back is as well. If you have a behind like a high school volleyball player, by all means, wear tights and a shorter top that will not only make you look out of this world but also boost your date’s ego because he’s out with such a hottie!

#4: It Makes You Look Sexy

Now for the fun part. Your Nikes and Lulus and UAs are designed to make you look effortlessly sexy. No, you’re not dressed up, you’re not wearing a push-up bra that adds two cups sizes, and for Pete’s sake, you’re not even wearing heels! What’s more, you might not even have a bra on, and you’re likely in sneakers! And yet you’re turning heads like you’re strutting your stuff on the catwalk after having spent hours getting pampered and prepared for it by the pros. With so much work that you’ve put into building that awesome body, it’s no wonder your confidence is through the roof, which makes you even more attractive than your physical attributes. Whether your date is another fitness enthusiast or not, he’ll be absolutely amazed by you no matter how you slice it.

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