Top 3 Pregnancy journal books you should consider buying in 2021

It’s no longer news that pregnancy is a bitter-sweet experience. Some moms describe pregnancy as an exhausting emotional rollercoaster ride. And nothing could be truer. Right from the moment the test results came back positive up to the moment your bundle of joy arrives, you are sure going to have a fair share of the ups and downs — the physical changes, crying over meaningless things, and strange cravings.

And of course, there are mood swings. Most times, you will get support from your loved ones — family and friends. However, getting pregnancy journal books can help tremendously in helping you cope with the pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy journal books are fascinating because they make lovely keepsake items to remind you of how you pushed through one of the most memorable moments in your life.

Why should you get pregnancy journal books?

You have probably been wondering and asking yourself; “what are the benefits of journaling and what if you are not a fan of journaling?” You don’t have an exceptional writer to record events and capture every important moment during pregnancy. If you can read this piece, you can write a journal.

Pregnancy journal books allow you to travel back in time to compare how you are feeling now to how you felt while pregnant. In addition to helping you document your journey, journaling has the following benefits to offer.

  • Journaling can reduce stress

Journaling can serve as an outlet for thoughts during pregnancy. It can also help you deal with the anxiety that trails negative thoughts because it’s an effective tool for accessing your innermost thoughts and emotions and for getting rid of stress.

Beyond relieving you of stress, journaling can also affect the wellbeing of your baby. How? If you can get rid of negative thoughts, anxiety, and stress, you will be at peace with yourself and emit positive vibes. And, of course, you know that being at peace means will impact your health and that of your baby positively (since you are both connected).

  • Pregnancy journal books can help you to be organized

Pregnancy can make one disoriented. It can make an easy task look Herculean and overwhelming. You had amazed at how making preparations for your little pink feet can take a toll on you. Not to mention maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with the everyday schedule.

Getting journal books for pregnancy can help you maintain focus and coordinate your duties. Thereby making you make the most of your time and still be a productive mum-to-be.

  • Journaling can help with set setting your goals

Of course, every expecting mom has a list of her expectations during pregnancy and how she intends to execute her plans. Putting pen to paper ns writing your goals down can help you stay organized and track your progress.

Pregnancy journal books also make it easy to hold yourself accountable for your goals while also helping you set realistic goals.

Best 3 pregnancy journal books reviews

The internet is flooded with a gazillion list of pregnancy journal books you should consider buying in 2021. Oftentimes, one ends up confused as to what option is best.

If you are not sure of what pregnancy journal books you should get in 2021, here is a list you should consider.

  • Pearhead my pregnancy journal

What makes this pregnancy journal stand out is its modern and elegant design. It is a guided journal for your pregnancy journey and is sure to last because of its thoughtful design.

It’s spiral bound and made from PU material. It has an elastic strap that allows you to secure additional materials. The faux leather feel and gold embellishment makes it a beaut.

You will find multiple sections encompassing trimester, the baby’s birthday, and the moment you get the big news. All 74 pages are curated to vividly capture every moment with spaces for pregnancy photos. Even though this pregnancy journal is styled for a baby girl, it is also perfect for parents who believe in gender neutrality.

  • Bump to birthday (pregnancy and first year) baby journal

Second on our list is an award winner and a best seller. It is designed to help you track your pregnancy and baby’s first year. Unless you are new to usingjournal books, you will know that a lot of pregnancy journals out there make it difficult to record important moments in your pregnancy journey because of their design.

This journal (Bump to birthday) allows you to journal virtually every detail of information from information about the developing baby, your thoughts and feelings, the baby’s family tree, pictures, showers, and other important celebrations.

  • Studio oh! pregnancy journal

Also known as the Bump for joy pregnancy journal, this is no doubt one of the best journal books you should lay your hands on. It offers 144 quality pages. Each page is a masterpiece in its own right with playful artwork. There are 32 pages for pictures, five pockets for photos and documents, and plenty of room for journaling.

The pages are curated and sectioned by trimesters; with each section providing tips, prompts, facts, checklists, and fill-in-the-blanks Making it ideal for fisty first-time parents, especially those who want to capture as many moments as possible.


These are three out of a long list of superb pregnancy journal books you should consider buying in 2021. Other pregnancy journals you should try include “my 9-month journey pregnancy journal”, “the belly book”, and “planning for joy from bloom daily planners.”

While you are at it, some tips for documenting your pregnancy include ultrasound pictures, belly photos, maternity photos, and belly casting for those who would like to have a replica of their big pregnancy belly.