Top 3 Destinations in US for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Most wildlife enthusiasts prefer to have a holiday that is relaxing and adventurous. Most of them love travelling and enjoying the spectacular view of Flora and Fauna along with lions roar and chirping birds. Wildlife tour is more than just having a view of wild animals; it gives you an opportunity to have a clear encounter with Mother Nature and her beauty.

Are you a wildlife enthusiast looking forward to discovering spectacular wildlife in the US? There are plenty of wildlife destinations for your holiday adventure. From jungles, unique coast lines, Great Mountain peaks and many more spots. Visit the US and explore various wildlife destinations.

For you to have a successful trip to the US, or any other country, it is advisable for you to visit Its can help you get online information about your desired places for tourism. Here are some of the best wildlife destinations you can choose to visit:

Galapagos Islands

On and off the Galapagos Island’s shores in South America, you will get to enjoy the view of various wildlife found at this awesome island. This island is composed of several other islands and in every island you visit you will discover various species residing at this habitat. At this island you can dive into the sea water and have a clear encounter with sea animals. Animals found here include sea turtles, thousands of different types of fish, different sharks and other sea animals. In case you choose to stay on land you can explore tortoise reserve national park; this is one of the places where you can see Galapagos turtles in the wild. Whether you stay on land or on sea, enjoy the variety of bird species that hover above the sea. The island is the home of a variety of bird species, ranging from Darwin finches to red-footed boobies. Galapagos Island is the best for those who enjoy nature and marine life.


Desiring to take a holiday and explore a variety of wildlife species? Visit Patagonia in Argentina and Chile. You will have the opportunity to see all kinds of animals on your Patagonia travel. You can start your adventure in Puerto Madryn where a variety of marine life can clearly be seen. Travel between June and December and see enormous southern right whales. Explore famous Torres Del Paine National park to see nadus which is related to ostrich, as well as the condor. There are so many wildlife destinations where you will get to see different kinds of animals.


Being one of the best wildlife destinations in the US, Pantanal is a perfect place that you can’t afford to miss during your holiday. It is a home to over 1000 species of birds, 300 types of animals as well as 400 fish species. There are more than enough varieties of other species and your visit to Pantanal will be thrilling. There are also other endangered species such as Jaguar and the Maned wolf as well as South American Tapir.

Enjoy more wildlife destinations in the United States during your adventure. Wildlife adventure is one of the unforgettable activities that give you an opportunity to interact with nature and surroundings. It also satisfies an adventurous and wild spirit.