Top 10 Smokey Eye Tutorials for Your Makeup Inspiration

Every time I do the “Smokey Eye” magic on me I end up saying “You look smokin” in front of the mirror.

You know… Jim Carrey used to do it in his movie “Mask”?

Anyway, not everybody knows how to make the perfect smokey eyes.

I literally knew only one method before I tried these top 12 smokey eye tutorials.

On the web you will find many makeup tutorials, but the hardest part is that you don’t know which one is the best for you.

I kind of knew you won’t lock yourself in your room and try every single one of them and that’s why I picked 12 for you.

Believe me, you’ll love’em!

Let’s all look smokin’ for our next big event.

Take notes:

Casual Smokey Eyes for a Night Out

Daily Smokey Eyes

Celebrity Inspired Smokey Eyes

10 Minute Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Sultry Smokey Eyes

Sexy Smokey Eyes

Peach Smokey Eye (Full Tutorial)

Simple Brown Smokey Eyes (Full Tutorial)

Pink Smokey Eyes

Pink Smokey Eyes

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Black Smokey Eyes



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You look…


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