Top 10 Reasons to Visit Egypt in 2021

Egypt is a great country known for its impressive ancient treasures and outstanding incomparable history. There are amazing much more than what you can expect from the gorgeous surreal waters & wide amazing beaches to its remarkable architecture and memorable monuments and those are the main elements which tourists come to Egypt to enjoy and spend some magical time. Egypt tours must be on your bucket list in 2021 and here are the major reasons why you should definitely plan your Egypt vacation.

1- Egypt Vacation is Really Affordable


Abu Simbel Temple at Aswan

Egypt is one of the cheapest destinations you can travel to and there is no doubt that one of the major concerns when it comes to traveling to a foreign country is how much you are going to pay and surprisingly, Egypt  tours in 2021 are really affordable and fit almost all of the different budgets. If you intend to have a budget tour or if you want to spend the most luxurious tour in your life, a tour to Egypt will get your amazement and you will find the most interesting options in the fanciful land of treasures.  There are many accommodation choices available all through Egypt and you will find that even the most luxurious options are affordable that is why tourists love to spend their vacation in Egypt to have the chance to spend the best time in a real affordable price in comparing to any other country like for example America or France.

Trips to Egypt are also very affordable since you have the chance to choose any trip you want to enjoy with the category of accommodation you would like to stay at and of course with the tourist sites you want to include so it is totally up to you to build your plan in the best way you want and your travel agency will be responsible for applying your requests and checking with you the best possible options. You need to know that tour packages usually include accommodation, tours, transportation, and admission fees to the majority of the tourist tombs, temples, museums, and attractions, tour guides, domestic flights, and similar items and travel agencies usually offer a wonderful price for packages to allow the biggest number of tourists to come and enjoy the best vacation in Egypt.

You should also notice that there are some optional tours that you can decide whether to do or not right on spot and their fees are payable directly there just like the camel ride in Giza, the hot air balloon in Luxor, the Felucca ride in Aswan, the scuba diving or the snorkeling excursions in Hurghada, etc. if you would like to do a shopping tour and buy lots of items in the best price, then Egypt will be a wonderful destination for you since its capital, Cairo includes the biggest open-air market in the world which is called Khan El-Khalili Bazaar and you can have many amazing deals while being there. That is why you definitely should book a tour to Egypt in 2021.

2- Year-Round Sunny Weather

Egypt Nile River

Egypt Nile View

If you are from the travelers who love warm weather and enjoy the sun, then you will with no doubt love Egypt at the most even in winter as while there are countries freezing during winter season, Tourists come from the whole world to enjoy the beauty of the sun and tour around the magical Egyptian attractions without worrying about weather at all. Winter season is always the most recommended season to enjoy your vacation in Egypt as you will find weather is so cool and you can enjoy the most magical Christmas Vacation in life especially Christmas Holidays 2021. If you don’t have the chance to come to Egypt during Christmas, then no worry as you can still enjoy your vacation in summer. Although weather during summer season is somehow hot, you can still enjoy the most remarkable coastal holiday over the Red Sea and do some interesting water sports.

You can also arrange your tours to be in the early morning before noon or after the sunset and by the way you can get the best affordable tour price during the summer season. Easter Tours are spectacular in Egypt and really worth your visit to enjoy the great Egyptian weather and to check some of the best Egyptian customs & traditions.

There are tens of wonderful things you can enjoy during summer in Egypt just like heading to the best Egypt’s beach destinations such as the beautiful cities & areas of Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab, Marsa Alam, and similar spots. The water temperature is always warm during summer and full of marine life which makes such a visit perfect for having amazing snorkeling & scuba diving tours. You are the one who can choose the best time to enjoy your Egypt vacation based on your available time and the most important to put in mind is that you will always find it real enjoyable to spend your vacation in Egypt.

3- Egypt is Rich with Fascinating History

Egypt - King Tut Tomb

King Tut Tomb at Valley of the Kings

Egypt is mainly a historical country that is blessed with incredible ancient history that dates back to thousands of years ago. And whenever you come to Egypt, you will find many impressive stories to be narrated about how great its history and the magnificence of each historical spot there. The majority of travelers who arrange their tours to Egypt are mainly interested in exploring the majestic ancient Egyptian history and culture from the days of the ancient Pharaohs and this is mainly depicted in the hypnotic attractions in Egypt like the Great Giza Pyramids, the notable achievements of the great Egyptian leaders and pharaohs like King Khufu, Queen Hatshepsut, the young Pharaohs Tutankhamun, the great Ramses II, Queen Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Mohamed Ali Pasha, Salah El-Din El-Ayubbi, and many other great  men and women who managed to leave real impressive achievements in the Egyptian land.

Wherever you go in Egypt, you will find lines of history written on ever attraction or monuments ever built by a man especially the great temples that were built in Egypt like the charming temples of Karnak, Luxor, Dandara, Abydos, Abu Simbel, Philae, Kom Ombo, and Edfu. Even inside the tombs of the Pharaohs, you will find many impressive inscriptions on the tombs’ walls and great ancient treasures that were found inside the tombs themselves. Some of them stay where they were found up to date and other were moved to be shown in the Egyptian Museums including the fascinating Golden Mask of King Tutankhamun. So if you are a fan of history and exploration, you will definitely adore your tour in Egypt.

4- Enjoy a Lifetime Experience on the Board of a Nile Cruise

Egypt - Nile River Cruise

Nile River Cruise

Nile cruises are such an exceptional experience to sail down the Nile an a marvelous ship that is equipped with a pool, deluxe cabins, luxury suites, panoramic windows & balconies, and many other desirable services that you can enjoy at the most while being there in addition to having the opportunity to visit the whole breathtaking attractions between Luxor and Aswan. There are dozens of options for Nile Cruises of different categories, shapes, facilities, and this is of course one of the most interesting things that concern any traveler to determine his/her budget to have a tour in Egypt.

For the travelers who have never experience being on the board of a Nile Cruise, there is nothing to worry about as Egypt Nile Cruises are totally safe and ready to arrange the best sailing tours in the Middle of the Nile River. Egypt Nile Cruises dock at different spots along the Nile River which allows guests to visit the memorable attractions on each tourist destination. Regarding your food, Nile Cruises offer full board accommodation which means that you will have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals on board often in a buffet style.

While boarding your Nile Cruise, you will be able to explore some of the most interesting sightseeing in Upper Egypt and this can be concluded as following; in Luxor, you will be able to visit Karnak Temples Complex, Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, and Hatshepsut Temple. Between Luxor and Aswan, you will be able to visit the majestic Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples and in Aswan, you will have a wonderful tour to the High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk, and Philae Temple. That is why we can say aloud that having a Nile Cruise tour is the best choice you can take and can add a lot to your Egypt Vacation.

5- Try Some of the Most Delicious Egyptian Food

Egypt - Koshari Food

Koshari Famous Egyptian Food

Food is a very important part of any traveler’s trip and regarding this matter, you should know that Egyptian food is mainly cheap, plentiful, and totally delicious. You will find different Egyptian meal on each place and city you visit as it differs based on the place you are in. Egyptians use vegetables with Chicken, duck, pigeon, or rabbit to prepare their dishes however, there are many vegetarian meals that are prepared for vegetarians and you just need to choose the most suitable meal for you.

There are many traditional dishes to enjoy in Egypt just like Kushari which is a mixture of spaghetti noodles, onions, garlic, lentils, with chili sauce & tomato sauce. There is also a very popular meal for breakfast that contains Ful and Ta’meya and both dishes include fava beans but it is cooked in a different way that is why it results in two totally different dishes. You shouldn’t miss the Kebabs & Kofta dish that is a special meal for meat lovers and it is usually served with salad, Tahina, and bread. Egypt is also known with its amazing desserts just like Om Ali that is made of puff pastry soaked in milk and different nuts.

In special occasions, you will find special dishes to be served in Egypt. For example, in Eid El-Fitr for the Muslims, they prepare Kahk & biscuits, in Sham El-Naseem, they usually eat Feseekh “salted and dried fish”, and in Eid El-Adha, they usually serve Fata with includes rice, bread soaked in soup, and meat.  There are cheap & expensive restaurants and cafés in Egypt and you should look for the one that fits your budget and the type of food you would like to enjoy.

6- Egypt is a Wonderful Scuba Diving & Beach Destination

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Hurghada

In addition to the magnificent historical attractions that you can fins in Egypt, you will be surprised after knowing that Egypt is also an incredible beach destination and it offers lots of water sports & activities to be prepared there. The main interesting beach cities in Egypt are Hurghada, Sharm, and Dahab. Whichever you choose among them, you will with no doubt enjoy some of the most interesting beaches and have lots of opportunities to do some snorkeling, diving, and enjoying a desert safari by quads. The beautiful Egyptian Red Sea is known with its gorgeous corals and you will find there some of the most fabulous diving spots in the world that you can head to with a trusted guide. If you have children and you would like to relax on the beach while they are enjoying their vacation with you, then you can head to Marsa Alam which is known to be a dolphin habitat and you can allow your children play with friendly dolphins. So whether you are looking for a lazy beach vacation or a true adventure in an attempt to explore the Red Sea, Egypt is definitely your best beach destination.

7- There Are Many Religious Attractions in Egypt

Egypt - Mohamed Ali Mosque

Mohamed Ali Mosque at Cairo

If you are looking for a spiritual vacation, then Egypt must be your destination since it is a home to the three Abrahamic religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. There are amazing attractions for each faith located in different parts of Egypt and since Cairo City, the capital called “the City of a Thousand Minarets”, it is obvious that it is the main religious city in Egypt that comprises the huge number of religious sightseeing and that is absolutely true as while being in Old Cairo, you can visit: Mohamed Ali mosque, Saint George Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue, Amr Ibn El-As Mosque, the Hanging Church, Khan El-Khalili & El- Muiz, St. Virgin Mary Church, and lots of other remarkable sights that attract all people of all religions to visit and enjoy.

The ancient Egyptians really had strong religious beliefs and that is why it was depicted in their constructions of their many temples, tombs, chapels, and many other priceless sites believing that this will lead them to live a happy life and have a wonderful afterlife journey.

8- Egypt is the Home to Some of the Most Magical Museums in the World

Egypt - Museum at Cairo

The Egyptian Museum at Cairo

Some travelers get thrilled while visiting any Egyptian Museum and others don’t but we do guarantee that you will with no doubt love being in the impressive Egyptian Museums that are spread over the whole country. Among the most captivating museum in Egypt is the exquisite Egyptian Museum in Cairo that is the home to more than 120.000 different historical pieces and one of its major highlights is the Golden Mask of King Tutankhamun. There is also the fabulous Museum in Aswan that contains more than 3000 ancient artifacts. We can’t forget the mesmerizing Luxor Museum that has lots of items that narrate different stages of the history of ancient Egypt.

That is not all as the Egyptian government is currently planning for constructing the largest museum to be ever built in the world and it is called “The Grand Egyptian Museum”. It was estimated to be opened in 2020 but it is going to be opened now in 2021 and it is the going to be the main reason to enjoy your tour to Egypt in 2021.

9- Egypt Has the Most Breathtaking Temples

Egypt - Philae Temple

Philae Temple at Aswan

The ancient Egyptian temples are the major highlights in Egypt and that nearly all tourists love the feeling of walking through the same ancient paths where the great ancients once stood. Here is a list of the most prestigious temples built in Egypt:

  • Karnak Temple: the largest religious building that has ever been built dedicated to three ancient gods.
  • Luxor Temple: is one of the most magical temples to be built in Egypt and many Egyptian pharaohs were crowned there.
  • The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut: it is one of the majestic rate temples as it was built to honor a Queen of Egypt who ruled Egypt like a real successful pharaoh and it is in fact similar to classical Greek architecture.
  • Abu Simbel Temples: the incredible two temples of King Ramses II and Queen Nefertari who are located near Aswan in Abu Simbel.
  • Medinet Habu Temple: it is the Mortuary Temple of king Ramses III and it actually protected the Theban people against the Libyans.
  • Kom Ombo Temple: It is a double temple dedicated to two of the most important ancient Egyptian gods, Horus and Sobek.
  • Edfu Temple: This is another incredible temple dedicated to god Horus and it was ths site of the annual coronation festival.

10- Get Awed at the Marvelous Egyptian Tombs

Egypt - Ancient Egyptian Tomb

Ancient Egyptian Tomb at Valley of the Kings

Getting inside a tomb is somehow strange and may seem a little eerie but it is totally different when it comes to exploring the ancient Egyptian tombs of Egypt’s Pharaohs, Queens, Nobles, and Children. Exploring the fascinating tombs is a must on any Egypt Tour. There are hundreds of tombs that are opened for the public to explore and visit and most of them can be found in the Valley of the Kings & the Valley of the Queens on the West Bank of Luxor.

While being in the Valley of the Kings, you will see some of the best preserved tombs of the great pharaohs who managed to rule Egypt and left some amazing achievements like Seti I, Tutankhamun, and Ramses II. On the other hand, the Valley of the Queens contains one of the greatest tomb ever built by a man which is the impressive tomb of Queen Nefertari, the wife of Ramses II and its entrance fees is considered the highest in comparing to any other tomb.

That is why you should with no doubt arrange your Egypt Tours for 2021 to enjoy such magical attractions and to have your lifetime adventure now when it is the best chance to have a true unforgettable trip. Start planning your tour and see how you can enjoy a true successful vacation in the land of magic and civilization.

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