Top 10 Fall Crafts You Can Make With Your Wonderful Kids

Can we announce that crafting season has been officially opened?

Of course we can.

Get the necessary equipment, pick up your wingman and let’s start.

I’m the mastermind.

My son is the equipment supplier.

My daughter is the “steady hands”.

All together we are “Team J”.

Oh, I almost forgot.

My husband is the judge.

He tells us whether something is perfect or it lacks some slight details.

How is your family organized?

When fall comes, we are starting with things like these.

Warm home. Happy faces. Plenty of ideas and we are on!

I will start you off with Top 10 Ideas for this fall.

Your kids will be happy to do this.

They will have the chance to spend quality time with you.

Ask them for their opinion. See if they can make some adjustments.

That will spark their creativity.

You can’t even imagine what is hidden in the small brains of theirs.

Let’s go:

1. Apple Prints


Tutorial via popsugar

2. Little Wonders


Tutorial via littlewondersdays

3. Coffee Filter Garland


Tutorial via popsugar

4. Handprint Crafts


Tutorial via popsugar

5. Buttons


Tutorial via meetthedubiens

6. Apple Coasters


Tutorial via pbs

7. Masks


Tutorial via 5orangepotatoes



Tutorial via allkidsnetwork



Tutorial via Family.disney



Tutorial via marthastewart

Nothing difficult here.

Use your imagination and do this, at least once in a while. Your house will be decorated with your kids’ work.

It will be amazing!

Imagine your friends’ faces when they enter your home.

They will feel warm.

Do you think your friends want to do this with their kids?

Source: Babble

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