Tools You Need to Brew Coffee Like a Pro

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Brewing coffee is a complicated process that requires a certain level of knowledge and skills, as well as equipment. Purchase the necessary tools and enjoy a perfect drink.

Tools You Need to Brew Coffee Like a Pro

Every cup of coffee is a perfect combination of science and art. It takes much time and experience to become a real barista who knows the most important specifications of the coffee making. Why do you fail to brew the same delicious and sweet coffee as the local barista does? Well, there are numerous hints and secrets every coffee-lover knows. Although the process of learning may seem challenging for inexperienced people, it is still possible. Purchase quality coffee beans, get the necessary equipment, and enjoy every cup you drink. Once you gather specific tools and learn how to use them, you are 100% ready to impress people with your brewing skills.

How to Brew a Perfect Coffee?

A barista without the corresponding skills and tools resembles a chef without proper knives. The main purpose of every tool is to get perfect extraction and have an opportunity to control all the processes to maintain proper consistency. Working as a pro barista, you need to know how to get a unique consistency, which will impress the customers and satisfy their preferences. Keep in mind that different people can brew different coffee using the same coffee beans. What is the secret? It is inevitable to be passionate about brewing in order to learn all the details and specifications of the process.

Following a simple instruction, you will increase your chances to brew a perfect coffee that will have a perfect taste and excellent aroma. Besides, do not forget to purchase Best Brazilian Coffee Beans that will add to the delightful flavor.

  • Get a scale to achieve the necessary brew ratio, weighing coffee and water.
  • Purchase a coffee bean grinder and make sure it is properly adjusted to maintain the right grind size.
  • Select the brewing method that will meet your preferences.
  • Use a coffee server if you brew more than one cup of coffee or want to use it after some time.

Striving to become a professional barista, you should remember that your success and final taste of the drink depends mainly on the process, known as extraction. Improving this concept is your way to brew excellent coffee.

Generally, coffee consists of four main components that are either dissolved or drawn off by water.  Sugars, lipids, carbohydrates, and fruit acids add to the flavor of the coffee you drink. Therefore, if you properly extract the coffee beans, you will get an opportunity to control the flavor and aroma of each cup. Therefore, extraction is a delicate process that requires not only perfect skills but also professional equipment.

Top 5 Most Important Tools for Excellent Coffee

According to the reviews and recommendations of different baristas, the tools required for the perfect coffee may differ. Nevertheless, the vast majority of them agree about the top five essential pieces of equipment you cannot brew excellent coffee without.

The Scale

The scale is undeniably one of the essential tools for any barista. Irrespective of the type of coffee you brew, you need to keep a perfect balance between coffee and water. It is possible to get an excellent drink only in case you achieve the right accuracy and consistency. Keep in mind that brewing is real science that requires exclusive knowledge and skills, as well as passion and devotion.

The Coffee Grinder

Even though the importance of this tool is frequently underestimated, a quality coffee bean grinder is your way to a perfect extraction. It cannot change the taste of the drink but can influence it greatly. Evenness and size are the key factors that should be taken into account as you select a grinder. Additionally, opt for the tool that can be easily adjusted to various grinding methods.

The Brewers

Once you have purchased accurate scales and quality coffee grinder, it is the right time to think about the most important brewing tool. Excellent design and professional filter are the pieces that predetermine the quality of the coffee and its flavor profile. Although the taste of the drink does not directly depend on the brewers and filters, the quality of the coffee you make is still influenced. While the coffee beans contain both soluble and insoluble components, a properly selected filter will prevent the migration of unnecessary ingredients to your cup.

The Kettle

Baristas who brew only espresso do not actually need the kettle. However, if you want to learn new pour-over techniques, you cannot go without a perfect kettle. A small kettle with a gooseneck is the top choice for those who need to pour water on the coffee grounds. Besides, you can choose an electric kettle to get warm water faster and without losing its temperature.

The Coffee Server

It is inevitable to mention that the coffee server is the tool you can start your career as a barista without. Nevertheless, if you want to brew more coffee without a negative impact on its quality, the coffee server is a must.

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