Tire Selection 101: How To Choose the Best Off Road Tires

When you’re shopping for truck and jeep tires, every store you visit is likely to insist it has the best. But how can you tell which is actually a superior tire?

Figuring out the right tires for your vehicle isn’t just a matter of efficiency – your safety can be drastically affected if you meet weather or terrain you’re unprepared for. To ensure you’re spending money on wheels that won’t let you down, here are three things to consider when shopping.


Despite what others may tell you, size does matter – at least when it comes to off-roading. The larger your tires, the higher your vehicle sit above the ground. The height keeps it out of reach of flying debris like rocks, sticks and dust, as well as grasping roots or tangled brush that can catch on metal parts and do some real damage.


What terrain you’ll be traversing plays a major role in which off road wheels you’ll need. Will you be roaring over sandy dunes, splashing along muddy trails, or crunching down rough mountain roads? Each of these terrains produces different conditions that affect how your tires interact with the ground. Before you select the tread, it’s essential that you know what kind of environment you’ll be driving in.


You’ve probably noticed that the patterns on tires vary, from relatively simple to art-worthy complexity. Each tread type is designed to excel under certain conditions:

  • All-Terrain: These wheels are made for off-roading and provide both grip and performance.
  • Extreme Terrain: Performance is second priority for these tires, which are all about getting you over the roughest paths out there.
  • All-Season: These are standard for everyday driving and function well on regular roads – not the best choice for venturing into the wilderness.

The type and quality of your tires is vital when you’re off-roading. Before you hit the trails, be sure your vehicle is well-equipped for the terrain.

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