Tips to Maintain Wellness While Sitting All Day at Work

Maintaining wellness at work is not as easy as counting one, two, three. It takes a lot of effort and willingness to do so. Since we are filled with workloads at work, we often pay little attention to it and even a little effort to stand is too hard for us to exert, but what if our wellness is already at stake? In a life where most of our time is spent at work, how do we keep the balance?  

Here is the list of tips to help you maintain wellness even while sitting all day at work.

1. Keep the phone away

The most rampant addiction nowadays is caused by our mobile phones. Oftentimes at work, it keeps us distracted. That is why instead of going for a walk or talk with other officemates, we tend to spend more time with our phones during free time.  

Our mobile or smartphones are the reasons why we are nailed down to our seats, so, it is something we must minimize gradually. Keep your phone inside your drawer or bag because if you see your phone, you’ll just get distracted about it over and over again.

2. Minimize Social Media Visits

Social media has a great impact on people, and using it impulsively, will not help in maintaining your wellness. Instead of making people happy and loved, it makes people feel otherwise. 

By lessening social media visits, you can take control of your physical and mental wellness. It will help you avoid the adverse it brings to those who use it often. As an employee, you have the responsibility to take care of your well being, so minimizing what causes discomfort during workhours would help you a lot. 

3. Exercise

Exercise is not just about being physically active. It also talks about the mental, emotional and spiritual exercises you should do to maintain your wellness at work. When you are sitting, make time to read some articles, meditate for 10 minutes and of course, pray. It works.

4. Rest when your body is in pain

 Our body is our only capital. It is a treasure we need to take care of dearly. When it is in pain, listen to it and make time for it to heal. To reduce pain, take mandatory breaks or even rests or do TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy. Some days when our body aches, it screams to tell us that it already needs rest. Give it what it wants from time to time. After all, we are humans and not machine workers.

5. Be Genuinely Happy

Working with a heavy heart does not contribute to one’s wellness. Think of happy thoughts. Smile in front of the mirror before going to work. Encourage yourself and other co-employees. In a world filled with criticisms and stress, all we can do to make the situations lighter is to change how we view things. By being happy, we train our mind to be positive in all situations, no matter how hard it gets.

6. Check Yourself From Time to Time

Are you still happy about your job? Are you still accomplishing the goals you set yourself 5 or 10 years ago? If not, check yourself, you may be suffering from burnout without even realizing it. 

Burnout happens when your personal and professional goals are imbalanced. You take one seriously while the other is left unattended. This often happens to employees who are contained by too much paperwork that they cannot, anymore, check other aspects of their life. Remember, that when the other is not going well, it will also affect the other one.

Take time to calm your mind. Reflect and meditate about your personal and professional life. Refocus your life and feel better again.

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