Tips to Consider When Buying Sports Bras

Before buying a great sports bra, you should do some research. Your sports bra is your only tool to avoid any issues at the gym. A sports bra will give you the support you need and let your job be done without hassles.

To ensure you have the best experience possible, I reached out to three bra fitting experts and stylists. They gave me a comprehensive rundown of tips to consider while shopping for a bra. This information is helpful for all women, regardless of age or size. It includes how to break down bra components and tell-tale signs when your bra might be too big or too small. Here are some things that every bra-wearing lady should know.

When you are looking for a sports bra, keep these points in your mind:

You should measure and determine your shape

Before buying a bra for sports, you should first measure yourself. Many women have different breast shapes. It is important to find the right bra for you.


This is very important. Full coverage bras allow breasts to be fully encapsulated. This ensures a more comfortable experience during your workout. Please ensure that your bra has full coverage cups. Do not worry ladies, if the bra provides full coverage, you will have no issues with your exercise routine. You can go with DeBra’s Penrith who have a great range for sports bras.


Fabric is another important consideration. The bra should be made from moisture-wicking material and not have excessive elastic. Otherwise, you could experience bouncing or other painful issues.

Pad and compression

Although you might be skeptical about the benefits of a padded bra if your bust is already full, sports bras offer to support that contours and shape your breasts while allowing for enough movement. These types of bras can be used for high and low-intensity workouts, and they work great on small and large breasts.

The level of support for the type of activity

There are three types of sports bras. Each level corresponds to the intensity that you are using. There are three types of sports bras: high impacted, medium-impact, and low impacted. If you do high-intensity activities like running or jogging, the maximum/high-impact bra should be worn. For exercises that involve very little movement, medium or less impacted bras may be considered.

A great strapless that goes with everything

A good bra will work with almost any top. You can wear them with anything, from off-the-shoulder dresses to tank tops and sweaters.

Regularly check in on your fitness.

A woman’s bra size can change six times per year on average. Six times! You should be fitted six times a year to ensure you are wearing the correct size. To ensure everything is in order, you should take Fit Finder once a calendar year (if your breast size fluctuates).

We have wide and adjustable shoulder straps.

It’s essential to have wider straps for all bra types, and especially sports bras. Bras with cushioned, wide straps offer support and comfort. You should consider buying wider shoulder straps to distribute weight correctly and prevent pain from your shoulders.

The Trial Room is a place where you can test your bra.

Last, but not least: Make sure you try the bra out before purchasing it. To ensure the bra’s comfort, do some jumping squats/jump jacks, push-ups, or jump squats.

This is it, guys! We hope this guide helped you to find the best sports bra. It can seem tedious, Sweetie. However, sports bras can last anywhere from 8 to 15 months. If you want your bra to last longer, keep these things in mind.