Tips on Making the Best Cheesy Quesadillas

Everyone loves a quesadilla stuffed with melted cheesy goodness. However, you don’t have to go to a restaurant every time you want to have perfectly cooked quesadillas. Knowing how to cook quesadillas chock-full of cheese will make you a master chef in the kitchen.

Quesadilla Cooking Tips

The ultimate snack that is a staple in bars and restaurants around the world, quesadillas are something all of us love to snack on but few know how to properly prepare. Thankfully, with the following tips, you’ll be able to make quesadillas like a pro:

1. Use Different Cheeses

The original Mexican quesadilla makes use of a variety of creamy soft cheeses that melt easily.

The general rule of thumb for making the melted quesadilla of your dreams is to use white cheese. Cheeses like Oaxaca, cotija, Blanco, panela, and manchego are all cheeses that are semi-soft and iconic for their ability to turn any tortilla into the satisfying snack that we all love.

Not sure where to find the most authentic cheeses for your quesadillas? Visit a store stocked with Latin American foods to find the best cheeses to use for your quesadillas.

2. Always Use Flour Tortillas

Another key to getting your quesadillas just right is to use flour tortillas. While most people may opt for corn tortillas, this type of tortilla is too fragile for the type of quesadillas you hope to make.

With flour tortillas, you’ll be able to hold all the various cheeses and your choice of fillings together. Moreover, when cooking the quesadillas, you’ll find that flour tortillas are less likely to fall apart.

3. Keep the Filling Light

When making cheesy quesadillas, you need to do all you can to prevent them from losing their shape or falling apart. A common mistake that most people make with their quesadillas is trying to make them too full.

Whether it’s beef, chicken, beans, or guacamole, the best quesadillas are never overstuffed. By keeping your quesadillas lighter, you’ll be able to have equal parts of cheese, vegetables, proteins, and every other filling you love.

4. Pair it With Protein

Though you have free reign to put whatever you want in your quesadilla, you should be picky about the type of protein you put inside.

The next time you’re tempted to load up on the shrimp or fish, think again. Seafood tends to lose its flavor amidst the many different kinds of cheese you’ll use in this dish, so stick to proteins like pork, chicken, and duck. These meats work better and are far more durable when melted together with veggies, cheese, and any other toppings.

5. Cook Quesadillas with a Quesadilla Maker

While you may already have your cast iron skillet out to start cooking, think again. When cooking this meal, it’s best to use a quesadilla maker like grill pan or pancake griddle.

If you’re not sure where to find a quesadilla maker, check out this comprehensive list of 10 top rated quesadilla makers and buying guide.

Switching out your pan for griddle or grill pan makes it easy to load up on multiple quesadillas when you’re cooking for a large group of people.

6. Cook with Medium Heat

We know how hard it is to wait for your quesadillas to cook, but remember that tortillas burn quite easily.

Avoid putting your quesadillas on high heat if you want to have them cook evenly. Using medium heat for about a minute or more will make each side of your tortillas golden and crispy with perfectly melted cheese and gooey fillings.

7. Use Oil Sparingly

Love to hear your tortillas sizzling as you cook your quesadillas? Keep in mind to avoid using too much oil when preparing to sizzle up your favorite meal.

Since tortillas absorb oil easily, it’s best to coat your griddle or pan with a small amount of oil.

Curious as to what oil to use? Opt for canola oil as it won’t overpower the quesadilla with as bold a flavor as olive oil might.

8. Use One Tortilla

Used to taking out two tortillas at a time to make your quesadillas? After trying this one tortilla hack, you’ll never go back.

Instead of struggling to flip each double-tortilla-quesadilla perfectly without spilling any of the filling or cheese, use one tortilla and fold it in half.

This half-moon technique will be significantly easier to flip without spilling any filling. Once you’ve spread the filling into half of your tortilla, fold over the other half. Once you’re ready to flip your quesadilla, Slide your spatula underneath the side that’s open and flip your quesadilla.

9. Always Cook Quesadillas Fresh

Lovers of cheese rarely enjoy having to reheat their favorite cheesy dishes. As with many other cheese-filled meals, quesadillas taste best when they’re freshly made.

Since quesadillas take just a few minutes to cook, avoid cooking them ahead of time. If you’re on a tight schedule, it’s okay to go ahead and make the filling in advance. This way, you’ll be able to make your quesadillas as quickly as possible without compromising the freshness of the gooey quesadilla.

The next time you take to the kitchen to whip up your favorite food, keep these tips in mind. With this guide, you’ll have authenticity on your side as you create quesadillas that are perfectly cheesy.

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