Tips on Airport Car Park While You Travel

Parking at the airport can be a daunting experience whether you are a frequent traveler or not. Most probably, your travel details are in standby; you have hotel reservation ready, and your vacation activities are complete, but what about your car parking?

Many travelers struggle with car parking issue as it is an afterthought when everything else is ready. If you want to avoid the airport parking menace, you have to plan on time the process of leaving your house and where to park. Unless you stay next door, choosing the type of parking is an inevitable process you cannot avoid.

Ignorance of early preparation can interfere with all your major travel plans. Here are car parking tips to guide you before you travel.

Book Your Car Space Early

There are several types of parking and spaces to park your car at the airport; however, never assume the last minute will favor you. The prices vary per your parking of choice, although it’s advisable to book on time, it allows you to worry less as your travel date nears. Moreover, car owners who book early get discounts, and it’s a good deal that can save you money.

Another thing you should note is peak days and months when there are many travelers booking airport parking space. That is why booking early when the situation is still favorable is a win all the time. Note that as you pay in advance, to make your booking cancellable for those unavoidable circumstances.

Pick the Right Parking that Suits You

Choosing to park your car is not as easy as it seems. Booking a car park space that will favor your travel needs is a factor you want to wisely consider to avoid last-minute stress. If you are on a tight budget, the parking space near the terminals is something to avoid. As airport parking prices are set depending on the distance, you are from the terminal.

Traveling with heavy luggage may prompt you to seek a service that is convenient to drop you near your terminal.

Meet & Greet

Meet and Greet is the most convenient type of parking that saves you time. The driver meets you at an agreed terminal waiting for you to park your car. The day you return from travel, the driver again waits for you, and after checking the vehicle is in good condition, you are given the keys to go your way.

The meet and Greet parking option helps you waste no minute parking the car yourself or trying to figure out the transfer vehicle to take you to the terminal

Park and Ride

This car park option is best if you are on a budget. After you get a low-cost deal, you have to factor the transfer time from your parking to the airport terminal. Although most of the passengers who are traveling prefer BWI Parking, it suits those not in a hurry to catch their flight.

It is advisable though to book early to avoid last-minute rush and peak moment when everyone is after park & ride parking.

Book nearby Hotel

It is not an ideal choice for travelers whose schedule is very close to travel for a long distance. That is why if you live far from the airport, booking a hotel nearby can save you time and money, rather than driving to the airport.

Many travelers globally have issues with keeping time and therefore, they miss their flight. To avoid this, you need to plan as you will have ample time to do things at ease. Staying nearby can help you choose the right parking for you before you travel for your holiday. And also it gives you time to relax your mind from anxiety of missing the flight.

On-Airport Parking

On-Airport Parking is conveniently near the terminal; therefore, you only park and go for check-in. For this option is pricey than any other parking at BWI Airport. Whether flying out or returning from your travel, it conveniences you, especially if you are carrying number of things.

It suits passengers who are short of time, for instance, business travelers and travelers with excess luggage that need time to transfer from the parking area to their flight.

Long Term Parking

It is the most convenient parking option for any traveler going for a vacation exceeding more than seven days. For one, the airport parking is safe to leave and therefore you don’t worry about your vehicle when away. This model gives you confidence and reason to enjoy your holiday stress-free.

Additionally, it is cheaper than other car parks. Parking early can win you almost 50% of discount. So, long term parking provides you with benefits you cannot regret when away.


While the airport car park process may seem like a stressful affair. You can make it better by giving it a top priority just like other travel details you have. You are going to appreciate the time you invest in searching for the best car space early. You also avoid blunders many travelers make as they have no time to figure out or make comparisons to get favorable deals.

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