Tips for Quickly Improving the Value of Your Home

Lockdown has got many people re-considering what they want for the future – including where they’d like to live. So, reviewing your home’s market value could be a key concern at present!

Now, you may not want to undertake serious renovations right now and that’s understandable, however, what may surprise you is that home improvements don’t always have to be a costly or long-winded business. In fact, if you’re looking for a place to start then check out our top tips for quickly boosting your home’s value.

Update Your Heating System 

Living in the UK means having a reliable heating system is a must when purchasing a new home – which is exactly why you should review your systems if you’re thinking of selling. This mightn’t be purchasing a brand new boiler or investing in underfloor heating. Instead, it could simply mean sealing any drafts around windows or doors or simply adding insulation to your loft space. 

So, rather than breaking the bank for a brand new, state of the art central heating system, you can optimise the systems you already have! 

Install Composite Decking

Whilst revamping your home, your garden and outdoor spaces can often be forgotten or put off, and this could be a big mistake. Giving your garden a well-deserved makeover could be a savvy investment and a sure way to boost your property’s value. In fact, by simply laying fresh composite decking you could increase this value by 5%!

Convert Your Loft

Now, this may seem like a big job to undertake, but that’s not always the case. In fact, many loft conversions do not require planning permission from authoritative bodies – so you can get right down to business!

Our suggestion is to convert the space into a warm area that could be used as a bedroom if necessary. Why not consider bringing in natural light by installing new windows or perhaps look for unique lighting options?


We know, we’re making it sound all too simple but bear with us. By redecorating small areas bit by bit, you’ll be able to create an ever-evolving aesthetic that both provides you with a modern living space but additionally adds property value should you eventually put your home up for sale. 

Whilst redecorating can often suggest full room makeovers, you can actually enjoy the benefits of giving individual pieces a facelift and working at your own pace. Take the coffee table you’re not in love with anymore, why not sand it down, paint it, find some fresh plants to accessorise. Taking the time to complete these small projects will ultimately ensure your home has a fresh, well-cared-for feel when going to market – and that can never be a bad thing! 

Selling your home may not have crossed your mind and perhaps won’t for years to come, however, it’s always advisable to regularly review your home’s value and keep an eye out for low-maintenance renovations that could prove a huge benefit later on down the line!

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