Tips for Putting More ‘You’ Time Into Your Life Whilst Juggling a Busy Schedule

Being a mother can be a very demanding job, from running around after teenagers and giving them lifts everywhere, to spending your entire time looking after your little one(s). If you have found that you are no longer spending much time doing the things that you enjoy, then you need to try and rectify that. The longer you go without having time out to socialize or to just relax on your own, the harder it will get to break out of that routine.

With all this in mind, here are some ideas for creating some more time for yourself and the things that make you happy.

Exercise with your kids

If you don’t have anyone to look after the kids for an hour whilst you do your favorite exercise, try finding an exercise that you can enjoy with the kids. This will obviously depend on the age of your kids; but if they are still in a pram, the easiest way to get lots of exercise is to take them for long walks. As they get older, you will be able to do joint activities such as cycling, or they go on the scooter whilst you run alongside. By involving your kids in your exercise routine, you will also be helping to set their attitude towards physical activity and help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other health problems.

Make the most of nap times

If your child has regular nap times, instead of feeling the need to get the washing done or other housework, take the time to put your feet up and relax. You’re not going to win any awards for having the tidiest house, but you will feel rewarded if you give yourself a bit of time to watch your favorite sitcom, or have a nice hot bath.

Gaining more control

If you feel like you are just running around reacting to everything, then you need to try and gain a bit more control over your schedule. If you are getting worried about upcoming events like family gatherings, then try to limit what you commit to. If you are feeling overwhelmed then don’t be afraid to ask for help, maybe ask friends and family to help out with the kids even if it is just an hour or so. Other ways to help reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed is to try clairvoyant readings to help you to re-prioritize your schedule and work through some of your existing concerns and worries. Professional readers can help you map out the next steps you can take in order to live a balanced life that’s so important to mothers of any age. Even if it’s something you’ve never considered before, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Look for easier ways to do things

Sometimes you are that busy doing everything that you fail to see the easier solutions. For example, instead of going through the (often stressful) experience of taking the kids to the grocery store, think about ordering your weekly shop online. Once you have ordered it once, you can simply repeat your order or make small changes to your first order. You will have to pay more for it to be delivered but not much more than you would pay for gas, and it will give you at least an hour of your week back.

Hopefully, that will have given you some ideas for getting a bit more time to do the things that you enjoy. 

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