Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

Travel Videography is one of the proven ways to refresh one’s mind. Off lately, many people from all walks of life across the globe have begun leveraging this hobby or skill in the form of travel blogging or vlogging. By capitalizing on the same trend, they are earning lucrative revenue. Moreover, they have built an impressively loyal fan following. These varieties of travel vlogs are filled with mesmerizing photos, captivating videos, travel tips, and beyond. Are you a qualified traveller foraying into travel vlogging or are you a budding traveller aspirant striving to make a mark in the blogosphere? If you cannot get enough of these fantastic travel vlogs and continue to wonder how do these vloggers capture breathtaking visual treats in a picture-perfect manner, it is time to decode most useful tips for making a great travel video:-

Seek inspiration from travel videos

If you continue to watch travel videos you will in no time equip yourself with a few best yet easiest travel filmmaking tips and a variety of compelling video styles. Right from the most preferred format to the best-shot frame to specific editing style to music to intro and outro, more inspiration, more stunning the outcome of your travel videos.

Know your video style preference

Before you embark on an exciting journey, you need to know within yourself what kind of videos you aim to create before commencing shooting. Since you have already watched a lot of travel videos, deciding on a preferred video style should no more be a difficult task. The variety spans from inspirational videos with some to none narration, fast-cut, slow-motion, cinematic, and beyond. Deciding on a specific style may seem like a daunting task initially but it will make your work much easier during the later stage. Besides this, finding the purpose of your travel videos would help you to a great extent in terms of identifying your niche audiences. For instance, informative videos empowered with engaging interactions are meant to inspire people to travel while fast-cut cinematic videos are suitable for those who prioritize visual retreats above anything.

Research about the travel destination

If you adore storytelling, investing time in extensive research is inevitable to plan shots that may help you to create a great story empowered with unparalleled narrative travel video. Also, keep the travel videos centred around your travel destination and not you. Weave the video by capturing the local communities, history, and architecture to ultimately curate an engaging story.

Right Equipment

Before you set off for your travel destination, make sure to have all the right equipment to get the desired shots. This includes deciding on what kind of camera you want to use as the sky’s the limit in terms of the variety. The most preferred options include DSLR, handheld camcorder, point-and-shoot camera, GoPro, and beyond. Are you someone not so familiar with basic camera settings like shutter speed, ISO, and aperture? You need not stress as you can think of leveraging the power of those few cameras including SonyRx100M3 that help automate the majority of the process while keeping the option open to go manual anytime in case if required. Gradually, you can move to more advanced cameras as you go on to master the art of photography and videography. If you have budget constraints, do not lose heart. Your phone can also prove to be a great companion when it comes to clicking high-quality images.

Gather all required accessories

More the variety of cameras and related accessories smoother would be the entire videography experience. Tripod, Additional Camera Batteries, Charger, and the additional SD card are a few must-have camera accessories that you may pack with your camera. Also, no matter what kind of camera you use to create a travel video or click images, do not forget to invest in a decent-quality camera bag meant to protect your camera while keeping all your camera accessories organized.

Set camera settings

Once you have the ideal equipment, it is time to work on the camera settings to avoid unnecessary time wastage when you are on a trip. Set your ideal camera settings to default for all modes and stick to it during the entire trip. Moreover, remember to say no to overshoot to enjoy the panoramic beauty of your travel destination.

Curate an itinerary

Creating a tentative itinerary will help you to identify the best time to capture images and create a video as time plays a pivotal role in getting a perfect shot. At times, it becomes easier to get a perfect shot during less-crowded sunrise hours.

Create a Shotlist

The majority of the people tend to click shots spontaneously whenever they encounter something interesting only to witness a crowded not so impressive camera space. It is recommended to plan at least a few of your shots before time to achieve impressive results. For an instance, if you are all set to visit an iconic travel spot like Eiffel Tower, you may plan myriad innovative shots like shot from the rooftop overlooking the city, Eiffel Tower base, Shot from the street and elevator. When you would sit down to edit your video, you will be thankful to not get perplexed out of dozens of unplanned spontaneous images or videos lacking appealing storytelling essence.

Diversify your shots

To keep the interest of the audiences hooked, you need to diversify the style you shoot videos. Infuse a new lease of life into the standstill travel imaged by leveraging a few interesting camera features like time-lapse, spinning shots, worm eye view, and beyond to ultimately curate an engaging travel video. It is exactly like connecting the dots to finally create an impeccable output.

Leverage the power of online video intro maker

Behind every stellar travel video, there lies an art of flawless editing. To use a professional video maker you certainly need not be an expert. A few video makers are already equipped with cutting-edge advanced tools. Moreover, with the help of professional video making tutorials and tips, it is extremely hassle-free to create videos in minimal time.

The bottom line

Travel videography is not just merely about having a flawless eye for travel shots. It is neither about how well equipped you are nor it is everything about the amount of sound knowledge related to the video shooting and editing skills. By gaining an inkling of the aforementioned proven tips and especially by leveraging the resourcefulness of YouTube movie maker, you can even embark on the professional journey to successfully carve a unique identity for yourself in the realm of travel vlogging. So this time when wanderlust enthuses you to explore new travel destinations, do it in a well-prepared manner and be assured to inspire others in an immersive way.


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