So you just woke up and the first thing you discover is the stained mattress underneath you. But wait, you’re too old to wet the bed, right? So you take a look and realize that it’s even worse; you’ve got bloodstains on your bed sheet. Oh no! What do you do?

Well, panicking isn’t going to solve much, and just be grateful you didn’t press snooze on the alarm because what’s worse than a sheet full of period bloodstains? A sheet full of dried-up period bloodstains.

It is important to act quickly so we’ve come to your rescue with tips on how to get bloodstains out of mattresses.

How to Get Period Stains Out Of the Sheets

There you were, minding your business as you go about your normal sleep routine when suddenly; you were hit by a menstrual attack from nowhere. And when you woke up there it was, the dreaded period stain all over the bed sheets.

The good news is, just like the stains did your sheets, we’ve got you covered. Here are the tips on how to get period stains out:

1. Check Your Sheets Immediately

This means making sure to catch the stain early. The earlier you discover the stains on the sheets, the easier it is to get rid of them. So when you take your early morning trip to the bathroom and discover you’re redder than usual, hurry back and inspect your sheets.

2. Grab Your Towel and Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, which can be found in your first aid kit or any store, is one of the most effective stain removers and it’s perfect for cases like this.

Get an old sheet and place it underneath the stained sheets to prevent the mattress from soaking even more blood. With the towel soaked in hydrogen peroxide, gently dab the sheets. Bubbling of the bloodstains is a sign that the hydrogen peroxide is working.

Be careful not to rub the towel across the sheets so you don’t end up smearing the stain even more.

3. Toss the Sheets in a Cold Wash

After dabbing with the stain remover for about 10 minutes, the next step is to throw the sheets into a cold water wash. Cold wash is not just a colder method of washing but the actual temperature at which you should wash off bloodstains.

Why? This is because blood is a protein stain and protein stains are set off by heat.

It’s also advisable to wash the sheets by yourself rather than toss them in the washing machine. This is to prevent the overstuffing of your machine and also ‘’pilling of fabric.’’

4. Place in the Dryer

Before tossing the sheets in the dryer, check the stain areas to see if the stains are completely gone. If so, feel free to toss them in the drier. Remember, heat sets off bloodstains so be careful with the temperature setting.

If you’re not convinced with the results after washing, try the hydrogen peroxide treatment a second time for better effect.

How to Get Rid Of Period Stains That Dried Up

What happens when you discover the stains after they’ve dried up? Here are steps for you to follow to get rid of dried up blood stains:

  • Soak the sheets in cold water all night to loosen up dried blood.
  • Pour hydrogen peroxide on the area of the bloodstain.
  • With the aid of small cloth or towel, dab the bloodstain after 10 minutes.
  • Machine wash the sheets

Your sheets will be good as new in no time.


Nobody likes the sight of bloodstains on their mattress when they wake up in the morning. It gets even tougher when you discover the stains late but don’t fret, the tips above are sure to help you get rid of the bloodstains in no time.

It’s also important to keep your sheets clean at all times. You don’t need to wait till the bloodstains are on the sheets before you realize it’s time to wash them. Washing your sheets once or twice a week is a good place to start.