Tips For Dealing With Alzheimer’s Patients

As we continue to age, we all know there is a chance we will suffer from Alzheimer’s. What is Alzheimer’s? It is a progressive disease that affects the brain and leads to a decline in mental function. It often affects elderly people and does not have a cure, but it can be managed. That said, here are some tips for dealing with Alzheimer’s patients:

  1. Be patient

When dealing with an Alzheimer’s patient, you need to be patient. They take quite some time to fully understand and process what is happening around them or even what you just said. Repeating something many times may irritate you, but try to be patient and calm as much as possible. If you show frustration, they may take it out on you, which is not good for anyone.

  • Be understanding

Alzheimer’s patients also have a lot that they are dealing with. They are aware that their lives are changing, and they are losing their memories. They may act out of character at times or become agitated easily. It is important to be understanding and supportive, no matter how difficult things get.

  • Encourage them to stay active

Another way to help Alzheimer’s patients is to encourage them to stay active physically and mentally. You can take them out to participate in different activities, take part in conversations with others, or help them go outside for a walk. All these will help them stay active and not be entirely focused on their illness.

  • Be there when they need help

As aforementioned, Alzheimer’s usually kicks in as we age. You will find that the Alzheimer’s patient finds it hard to do even the simple tasks such as bathing, brushing teeth or hair, and toileting. Be there when they need help, and do not be afraid to offer assistance.

  • Make their environment comfortable

You can make Alzheimer’s patients feel more comfortable by making their environment as comfortable as possible. This means ensuring that the room is well lit, clutter-free, and calming. You may also want to consider a recliner or wheelchair for them if necessary.

  • Stick to a routine

A lot of the time, Alzheimer’s patients thrive on structure and routine. Try your best to stick to a routine as much as possible and keep things as consistent as you can. This will help them feel more at ease, and they will be more able to cope.

  • Hire a senior care provider

If you find it difficult to care for someone with Alzheimer’s, Senior Care NW Washington DC can help. The nurses provide quality home care services to seniors and can help you manage Alzheimer’s symptoms and keep your loved one comfortable.

Take Away

Dealing with a loved one who has Alzheimer’s can be difficult, but with patience and understanding, it can be done. You can also reach out to a reputable Senior Care provider to help make the process a little bit easier by providing quality home care services.

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