Tips For Cooking Chicken

In most cases when you need to make a delicious meal, there is never enough time. Yes, you might love cooking for your family but don’t have enough time off work to do so. Your time will dwindle away very fast especially if you have to meal prep, shop for groceries and cook the food.

Well, if you come across any tips or tricks to help you prepare home food faster, you will choose them immediately. Foodal explores the lost art of breaking down a whole chicken.

If you want your chicken to have the best flavor, you need to know how to handle it. Use these tips to make sure your homemade chicken is a delight.

• Make sure your chicken marinates for about 30 minutes. If you want the best flavor, make sure your chicken marinates for at least 6 hours. Pre-planning would come in handy this time.

• Give your chicken some time off after you are done cooking. That way, the natural juices soak back into the meat rather than being left on the baking sheet. It’s a very bad idea to waste flavor.

• Before cooking your chicken, soak it up in beer brine for a few hours. That way, it will be tender and juicy. It’s a guaranteed way to give your chicken more flavor.

• Rather than slicing into the meat to check whether it’s cooked, use a food thermometer. That way, you will know if it’s ready to be served.

• If your chicken has been sautéed evenly, you should place a brick covered in foil on top of the meat. The weight of the brick should sear the chicken evenly and quickly. It’s a brilliant way to make the flavor even.

• If you are preparing your chicken in a slow cooker, make sure there is a quart of space for each pound. If you leave very little room, the meat will dry out. For instance, if you have to cook 3 pounds of chicken, you should use a 3 quart slow cooker. Your meat will lose all the flavor if it’s too dry.

• If you want to create nice and even cuts, you shouldn’t slice the chicken with the grain. Rather, you should slice against the grain of the chicken.

• When storing your chicken in the refrigerator, make sure your pour some marinade into the bag. When the chicken starts freezing, the marinade starts soaking into the meat slowly thus creating a savory flavor.

• When shredding cooked chicken, you should use a food mixer rather than a fork. That way, you can finish the job within 30 seconds or less.

• Before cooking the chicken, you should avoid rinsing it. That’s because it might splash the bacteria through the kitchen and it’s unsafe.

In conclusion, cooking your chicken is relatively easy. You need to know what to do and how to do it effortlessly. With these tips, you should have the best tasting chicken all the time. Even better, since some of these prepping tips take a while, you can do it before you leave for work then come home and cook your chicken effortlessly. It’s easy and really simple so try them out today for a great tasting chicken!

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