Tips for choosing a Las Vegas helicopter tour company

If you have spent a period of time in the city of sin and are looking for a relaxing and natural retreat then a Las Vegas helicopter tour is the thing that you are after. Las Vegas helicopter tours are a great way to see the surrounding area as well as getting a once in a lifetime glimpse of the Grand Canyon free of crowds. Due to how popular this idea and attraction sounds, many companies have emerged and are eager to take your business to the sky.

With so many options it can be very overwhelming when you are trying to choose a company since if you have a large party you will be spending a lot of money. To help you we have investigated the market and have gathered some tips to help you choose a Las Vegas helicopter tour company.

Ask your friends and family

The first tip we have for you is to ask your friends and family about their past experience on a Las Vegas helicopter tour. Ask them what areas they visited and what company they used. Some companies only frequent certain areas of the Grand Canyon so it is important to know what brand they were using.

From such they should be able to give you their personal recommendation on what Las Vegas helicopter tour company to use. Ask them as many questions that you can including if there was a shuttle included, how long the experience lasted for and how much it cost. These factors are very important when deciding on which company to use so be sure to ask!

Decide on where you want to go early

After you have got some recommendations under your belt, your next step is to ask yourself what you want to see. While the Grand Canyon is the ultimate attraction it is so big that it has several different sections. These sections can have their own Las Vegas helicopter tour so prioritize which part you want to see form the sky and avoid the ground crowds.

The four main sections of the Grand Canyon are the North, South, East and West Rim. The South Rim is the classic landscape that you will see c, films and even many photos. Since it is so popular you will find that this section has the most visitors. The West Rim is the second most frequented area and can also get pretty packed. Keep in mind that the West Rim is the shortest distance from Las Vegas which is why many tend to drive here.

The northern rim is a very serene and graceful escape that is perfect for all families. Due to the colder climate from its elevation it is common to see a lot of flora and fauna. The East Rim is the furthest to get to from the city however it also has some very notable attractions to see such as the Rainbow Bridge. While each section has their own drawbacks and merits you should also consider that the crowds and travel time to get to each part will be cut down substantially with a Las Vegas helicopter tour.

Do your own research

Once you have some recommendations on companies and you have decided where you want to go, your next step is to start your own research. You should be looking through Las Vegas helicopter tour companies’ websites and social media channel to get a good idea of their professionalism. A good provider will have a professional website with a lot of helpful information to help you make your decision.

Additionally be sure to take a glimpse at their social media channels as this is where many people take to when they leave a review. Reviews are like recommendations in bulk from strangers. You can see the experiences of past clients and compare that to what you had in mind. While reviews are a good way to get a gauge of what something is like, be aware that there are sometimes falsified information, this includes good and bad experiences.

When reading a bad review be sure to look at it closely and not cross out the Las Vegas helicopter tour company straight away. Try to understand the context of the situation and how the company actually interacts with the past client.

Give them a call

By this point should you have a list of potential experiences that you want to go on but can’t decide. Your decision should be finalized after you have spoken with each provider individually. They should be able to shed more light on the experience which gives you the information to make your decision.

While it is a great opportunity for them to sell their service to you, be sure to get a few words in to ask some questions especially about shuttles and the overall time of the experience.

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