Tips Before Making A Home Move

Each move is unique, therefore it requires a specific treatment. Although there are a series of tips that can be applied in a general way when making a home move.

Tips for making a home move:

-Contact Mega Vans Lines Inc as far in advance as possible. They will make a visit to your home, totally free, in order to prepare a budget without obligation.

-You must provide them with the following information: loading and unloading address, telephone numbers as well as other information that they consider pertinent regarding access to your home, need to cut the road, narrow street, existence of an elevator or not at home , etc.

-The move is considered one of the great stressors and for some people it is a really traumatic moment. We advise you a positive attitude so that you can face your new home with confidence and optimism. A new world opens up before you!

-If the transfer includes works of art, anti and objects with a special value, you must notify them so that they can assess the necessary insurance to hire.

-Present what to do with the objects or useless items that are not going to be moved.

-The day before the move, you must empty the contents of appliances such as refrigerator, fryer, humidifiers, freezer and any other appliance that contains fluids or liquids that may spill.

–With young children, moving can be very complicated. You have to request the support of family members to take care of them on the day of the move or plan a different activity for them.

-The following items should not travel with the move: perishable products, pets, flammable items, jewelry, stamps, cash or securities.

-Everything that you are going to use the next day (clothes, shoes, documents, jewelry, money, etc.) should be put in a separate box or place, so that the moving workers do not include it among the boxes of the moving.

Tips to take into account during a home move:

-Keep your personal documents, jewelry and money in good safety. As well as the keys to close the loading address and open the unloading address.

– Try to be present both at the loading and unloading addresses to make the appropriate indications to the operators about the place where they will have to locate each object, fragile, valuable items, etc.

-During packing, all your belongings will be packed with wrapping paper, bubble wrap, boxes of various sizes and closet boxes depending on the type of item in question. Each package or box will be identified to locate it at the unloading address and place it in the new location.

-When necessary, a lifting crane will be used to mount furniture to raise or lower the furniture and boxes in the respective loading and unloading addresses. Especially if there is no elevator.

-Finally, read the documents that the operators will present to you and sign the agreement without ceasing to reflect any anomaly that you detect. For more information don’t forget to visit:

Good luck!