Three IT Jobs That Will Remain in Great Demand In 2019 And Beyond

Computer and information technology are already an intrinsic part of our lives with the World Wide Web, cloud computing, mobile applications as well as conventional number-crunching becoming increasingly important with each passing day. Both organizations and individuals today cannot think of a world without information technology. Consequently, there is a huge demand for qualified and specialized IT professionals to manage the diverse applications of IT. Since the number of job profiles is huge, it can be daunting for people who want to pursue a lucrative career in IT to decide what to focus on. Some of the IT job profiles that are expected to witness sustained demand in the years to come:

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile application developers create applications that run on mobile devices. They use a variety of programming languages on operating systems like Android and iOS to design mobile apps that are dedicated to an amazing range of functions like health, finance, education, lifestyle, gaming, and much more. Developers are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, mobile computing, or a related field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary is $72,066 and the employment growth outlook is a very healthy 30.7%

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are responsible for developing and implementing strategies and systems to protect computer systems from being breached and the data from being tampered or stolen by cybercriminals. It is essential for information security analysts to be aware of the current threats and how to protect computer systems against them while giving the maximum flexibility to the authorized users of their systems. According to, security analysts are also responsible for planning responses to security incidents and developing disaster recovery plans. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, network security, or a related field. Additional professional certificates in computer security will give you an advantage in your IT career path. The median annual salary is $70,521 with employment growth outlook at 28.5%.

Web Developer

Web developers plan website architecture and navigation and then write the code to create web pages that can be populated with the planned content. They are also responsible for testing that the website functions without glitches and that the website is optimized for great user experience. Web developers need to be proficient in various programming languages as well as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so that they can develop really complex applications. To become a web developer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology as well as additional certification in programming languages.  The median annual salary is $58,005 with the growth outlook at 15%.


As we become increasingly dependent on computers and the Internet in virtually every aspect of our lives, it is clear that the demand for qualified and skilled IT professionals will continue to be heavy. People who intend to take advantage of this boom should take up bachelor’s degree studies in computer science, information technology, or related fields while pursuing additional certification in specialized domains to fast-track their careers.

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