Three Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

A wedding reception is the event to which all your guests arrive to after watching you and your partner marry. You’ve gone through the tradition, so now it’s time for the drinks, the music, and the dancing. But, with so much choice as to what you’ll organize for the wedding reception, this can actually be the hardest part of your special day to plan. You can plan your wedding and reception with a Beach Glass Weddings booking for a fantasy wedding in beautiful exotic locations and keep the following tips in mind for the reception. You can also use the following tips for any venue. You have to think about the atmosphere you want to create and how long you might be wanting your guests to stay as the night draws in. As such, here are three key ideas for entertainment at your wedding reception.

Classical Pianist

If you’re looking to host a classy wedding reception, you’ll not go wrong with the tinkling of a grand piano, placed in the corner of the room, upon which a pianist will play some of your favorite songs. A piano can be the perfect backdrop to chat and laughter, and is one of the most sophisticated additions to any wedding reception.

If you’re investing in renting the grand piano, you could always switch out the classical pianist halfway through your evening and swap in a jazz pianist — and a bass player and drummer — to transform the atmosphere into something jazzier and get people onto the dance floor. Find professionals who’ll help you curate this piano-centric entertainment,

Dance Troupe

Meanwhile, for more of a performance that’ll steal the show for part of your wedding reception, how about inviting a local dance troupe to perform to your friends and family? You may have friends in dance troupes, which will make that personal connection feel stronger and your adulation more acute. But it’s equally thrilling to watch dancers perform with your closest friends on your wedding day.

One of the key benefits of inviting a dance troupe to your wedding reception is that it’ll get everyone present in the mood to dance, sing, clap along and enjoy the music that’s to follow. Essentially, you’re bringing the atmosphere up to fever pitch and enabling everyone around you to have fun, lose themselves, and get into the moment.

Professional Bands

Finally, the most popular option for a wedding reception is to invite a local band who are able to play all your favorite hits as you go from your first dance through to an evening of merriment and dancing. These bands can be found online, and you can use this page to assess and compare each band so that you find the sound you’re looking for on your big day.

What sort of music would you like played at your wedding? Would you like pop music or something that’s from the ‘old school’? Do you want to have some club music play to get everyone on the dance floor, or would you like to keep things more civilized? When you’re preparing your band of choice, you can give them some song ideas to bring along with them that you’d like to hear on your big day. 

There you have it: three key entertainment ideas for your wedding reception.

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