Those Tiny Jeans Buttons Come With a Historical Background

I never understood why the companies that make jeans use these buttons. I usually want to cut them out as soon as I buy a new pair.

They are the reason behind numerous cuts or phone scrapes. It’s ridiculous because you think they don’t have any bigger purpose in your life just to partially ruin it.

Well, you will never guess what’s behind there.

These little buttons are called rivets. Jeans companies are using them so they can prevent the jeans from wearing out and ripping at the seam.


That escalated quickly.

Levi patented the original idea. Levi Strauss came out with it in 1829 when many people started complaining how fast their pants wore out.

It’s a result of “thinking outside the box”. Or thinking outside the jeans, in this context.


Now you can rest assured. Thanks to this young genius you can keep wearing jeans without thinking about them ripping apart quickly.

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