This Looks Like a Normal Shelf, But Watch Closely

I have always admired those homes that have been decorated to surprise you.

You enter the house. Your friends welcome you and the first steps you take inside will leave you surprised.

It’s like walking into something you’ve never seen before. Some call it heaven. I call it a perfectly decorated home.

Some people are just magicians. I’ve seen many of you all decorate your home to look like it came out of a movie.

Don’t get surprised if you find someone already made their houses look like Flintstones or the Smurfs.

It’s their way of living and I completely support that.

What I always admired in a house is having a place for yourself. A room that only you know about. Somewhere you would be able to go in, relax, and do all the work you left behind.

This is a bit impossible to do in a crowded home. You wish you had a secret passage that leads to this room.

You know… just like in the movies.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. The person on the video will show you how to create a secret passage.

Yep. It uses the “old-school” magical and secret way of entering the room. The bookshelf secret door.

He is Bob and he loves to make these kinds of things.


You have your own secret door that leads to the secret room. Bob is awesome!

Share this with your friends. They want a secret door, too.

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