This is How You Should Peel Oranges Moving Forward

Wait. Stop everything you do. Focus on this new thing. It’s a trick that will make you forget about that old and messy procedure of peeling oranges.

I was peeling the oranges wrong my whole life. Thank God this new way has shown up to change my life.

At first, I was just shoving my nails in the oranges. Half of the juice was dripping down my fingers. That was one of the main reasons why I kept avoiding oranges.

I always picked another great source of Vitamin C.

Not long ago, my sister came to visit and she wanted to taste one of my smoothies.

When she saw how I was peeling the oranges, she couldn’t stop laughing.

I was confused at the time. I thought she was messing with me for something else.

Then she told me that how I peel the oranges is ridiculous.

I was really ashamed at that moment. And mad. You know how it is when your bigger sister laughs at you for something?

Anyway, she changed my life. What she told me back then was this method she found on the Internet.

That’s why I want to play my big sister’s role now and tell you this:

You’ve been peeling the oranges wrong all this time!

Here is what you need for this method:

  •      An orange
  •      Paring Knife
  •      Spoon

Why spoon?

Take a look:

If you feel reborn with this, that’s okay. I felt the same way when I saw it.

Thanks to this video you will have my knowledge now.

Show this to your friends. I bet they are peeling oranges the wrong way, too.

Source: Diply

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