Things to Consider when searching for a Headstone

People have been practising grave marking since ancient times. It is a way of commemorating a loved one after death. Also, it makes it easy to identify where you buried them and makes surviving generations know the deceased. You want to honour the dead in the best way and experience their presence whenever you visit their grave. Therefore, selecting the fitting headstone for a departed soul is vital. 

The Factors to Consider

Many companies are making headstones, and it would help identify the right one to offer the service. It would be best if you found skilled engravers with the appropriate tools for grave marking. Reading reviews from other customers can tell how it would be working with a particular entity. The internet can give you valuable information about a company by visiting their website.

Still, you have to go further and ensure you honour someone you cared about appropriately. Knowing what to look for in a tombstone will make it easy to find the proper headstone. Below are the factors to consider;


Rules to set up a headstone differs from one cemetery to another. It is best to know the regulations before settling on where you will be belaying your loved one. Some cemeteries may have a standard design or dimension for the headstone. In contrast, others might allow you to customize them as you wish. Talking to the person will offer you the information you need to plan.

Type and Design

Your budget and preference will determine the type of headstone you select. The items range from simple to premium products. You can decide to cover the entire grave with the monument with the upright headstone or pick the latter option only. The most common materials for the upright headstone are limestone, marble, and granite. You can opt to raise a concrete base to cover the entire area or support a tablet. The design can be slopy or flat, depending on your preference. 

The headstone design can make the grave marker stand out from the crowd. It is advisable to think about the text to engrave and look for a good font to use. You can include photographs and symbols, depending on your style. 

Raw Material 

With an idea of the type of headstone to go for, you can pick the raw material for its construction. Since the grave markers are meant for the outdoors, durability matters to ensure it does not degrade quickly due to exposure to the weather elements. 

Granite is cheap and a standard option when working with a limited budget. Still, it is durable, and you can choose a colour you like. Marble is a viable option if you want a more appealing headstone. Still, it will degrade faster than the alternatives. Limestone is another common choice, but it is not as durable as the other natural stones. 

Besides the stones, metal like bronze is a raw material for headstones. However, it will require maintenance to maintain the aesthetics. At the same time, bronze will offer an increased service life than the alternatives.